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Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest

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At GenCon I stopped by the Privateer Press booth and picked up a model called "The Wicked Harvest," which appears to be a sort of undead tree with accompanying temptress.  I have no idea what the lore of this critter is like in whatever game system it was designed for, but there's an undead tree coming up in my players' future, and this will do nicely!  Here are all the bits, partially assembled and primed with Tamiya Fine Primer.




Here's a slightly closer look at the tree:




This guy is made of grey resin, and came in seven pieces:


 - the top left branch (on left)

 - a hangman's noose (on left branch)

 - the top right branch (on right)

 - a secondary branch for the right branch (attached)

 - a secondary branch for the left branch (attached to the side of his head)

 - a left arm

 - a right arm

 - the trunk


This guy is dangerous.  He's already drawn blood!  Specifically I jabbed my finger pretty well with an exacto knife while cleaning some flash off him.  Ouch.


I've opted to paint the upper branches separately because I think it would have been exceptionally difficult to do it properly with everything fully assembled.  I didn't pin the pieces in place, but the attachment spots are sufficiently large that I'm not too concerned about it.  Plenty of surface area there for a strong join.


And here is his temptress friend.




According to the stock photo on the box, these two are a matched pair and designed to be based and treated as a single unit.  But I have no need to keep 'em as a pair, so she gets her own base.  This one is from Micro Arts Studio -- a 25 mm one from their Ancient line.  I have found these particular bases from Micro Arts Studio difficult to use.  They've got a lot of interesting detail, but there's precious little room to actually attach a figure.  I had to remove a "loose brick" from this one in order for the lady to have enough space to stand.  But she does fit, so yay.


The apple basket came with the Wicked Harvest kit.  I pinned it to one of the two bits of rubble here.


And now that they're primed, I have found more mold lines.  Yaaaay.

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7 hours ago, wdmartin said:

Yeah, but it was fully dry before I noticed.   Is there anything to be done about that?


I'd say strip and retry since it's just the primer but you might wanna ask the community at large in the Tips and Advice thread.

This is actually the reason why I quit using white as a primer.

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Some googling revealed that this has come up before:


And the outcome of that thread is: this particular brand of primer is very difficult to remove, particularly from a plastic mini -- and this one is plastic.  Given that, I think I'm not going to try stripping the primer.  Yeah, it's pooled a bit at the bottom of her robe -- but honestly, I don't think it's going to make a huge difference.

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Ooooh I love this sculpt!  I have been eyeing it on eBay, I was thinking about getting it and painting it up for my wife.  


I'm really excited to see how it comes out!

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I haven't had much time to work on this, but I cleaned up some mold lines and got some Desert Sand on the stone areas of the temptress' base.






Not a lot of work done, I know, but I got caught up an in anime, and it's hard to paint while also reading subtitles. >.>  I finished the show though, so that's done with.


Beyond that, it occurs to me that painting miniatures has given me life experiences that I never in a million years would have anticipated.  For example, the other day I found myself reading a tutorial on replicating Morticia Addams' makeup.  I want this temptress to capture that simultaneously sensuous-yet-icy look.  I'm not sure what tone to use for the base coat.  I got some ideas for highlighting and such from the makeup tutorial, but obviously the lady who wrote that wasn't starting from a stark blank white -- she had a natural skin tone to start with.  Maybe a 2:1 mix of red and grey?


Morticia wears black, but I don't think that really suits the temptress' flowing robes.  Those say white to me, which means pale skin and pale clothing -- she'll need good lining, which is not something I've ever really done.  Happily I've been wanting to learn the technique, so this should give me some good practice.

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Well, I spent some more time on the base.  I got a base coat on the basket (Sandy Brown) and the leaves (Blond Hair).








Leaves generally don't fall to the ground before they turn colors, so they wouldn't be green.  And the lady has apples -- it must be fall.


I explicitly chose a yellow very close in saturation to the Desert Sand surrounding them.  I need practice lining; this seemed like a good opportunity.  So I outlined the leaves with Blue Liner, slightly thinned.








It certainly makes them more distinct!  But I was kind of hoping for the result to be a tad less ... crashingly unsubtle.  So slathered the whole thing with a sepia ink wash, hoping that this would render the details more visible and smooth out that transition a bit.


It didn't.  The sepia helped with the pavement cracks and such, but the veins in the leaves were still totally invisible, and the lines of Blue Liner were waaay to visible.  So I used some very thin Desert Sand to lighten the lines (the ones I could get at, anyway).  And dry brushed a bit of it onto the pavement.  And hit the leaves with a black wash.  And since I had it on my brush, I also hit the stone fancy work with the same black wash.








Aaaaand now it's just a mess.  Ugh.






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Okay.  Let's try this again, shall we?










Base coated in Stone Grey and Palomino Gold for the stone and leaves!




Leaves lined with Ruddy Brown, and the whole thing laved in Formula P3 Brown Ink (which turned out much more red than I was expecting)!




Dry brushing on the stones with Stone Grey followed by Misty Grey on the highest points:




More Formula P3 Brown Ink in the center of the leaves, plus some Palomino Gold at their edges.  Also, I used some thinned Walnut Brown to do some lining at the base of the bits of rubble sitting on top of the paving stones.




An initial base coat of Formula P3 Wurm Green on the apples in the basket:




Apples shaded with Wurm Green + Blue Liner, and highlighted with Wurm Green + Pale Saffron, both thinned pretty aggressively with water:




And finally, the apples highlighted with Linen White then a layer of Formula P3 Yellow Ink.  The stems were picked out in Walnut Brown.


Oh, and I based the basket in Sandy Brown, washed it in a mixture of Sandy Brown and Brown Ink, then picked out the highlights in plain Sandy Brown again.  I think they could be pushed a bit more.






Much better!  I think that'll probably do it for the lady's base, though I may go back and try to brighten up the highlights on the basket.  The ink pooled in the center of the leaves turned out blotchier than I hoped, but it works okay from a distance.

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the basket needs more highlights for sure.  currently I read it as midtone plus some light shading.  May also want to add some darker shadows in spots.

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Nothing major, but I worked a little more on the basket's shadows and highlights.




They're certainly more visible, but boy, they don't blend well at all.  I needed to thin the paint more.  Bah.

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