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Lunch Sessions II: Victoria Miniatures' "Not-a-Hobbit"


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In my last Lunch Sessions thread, I posted this teaser:


This Clearly Non-Hobbit mini was a special piece created by Victoria Lamb (I'm not sure at this point whether it was limited edition, or convention-only, or what) which I picked up at Reapercon 2015 (Victoria was there, talking about OSL, go figure).

If you're at all familiar with Victoria's painting work, you know she's an incredible OSL painter, and this sculpt is perfect for the technique. Both the torch and the sword (given the clear "sting" of inspiration) are light sources, and both the clothes and the base offer some really great lines for casting shadows and catching light.

I'm very excited to paint this fellow, as OSL is one of the more advanced techniques that has always drawn my attention...and there are several pieces I want to do up to competition level involving OSL, for which this piece will serve as practice. I intend to take him up to display or competition quality, so please comment and critique as I move along.


My intent with the lighting is to have a very strong yellow-to-orange light cast by the torch, with a very soft bluish light from the sword. I want to play with the interaction where the light sources contact each other, as well as see what I get on different colors of fabric.


This week will be mostly blocking colors in, so I know what the light is falling on. If I move really quickly, I'll start playing with shadows, but I doubt that will come until next week.


DAY 01

30 minutes


A few basecoats. I started by basing the skin in Carrot Top Red, then lining everything in Blackened Brown.


After lining the base, you can really see where those stones are going to create some really cool cast shadows from the torch.


Following that, I mixed P3 Coal Black into the Blackened Brown and hit his hair with it, then based his coat in Ancient Oak.


I'm choosing black hair mostly because I think it will be the most forgiving of the multi-colored light sources. Trying to figure out how to play with two light sources filtering through translucent hair is beyond the scope of what I'm hoping to accomplish right now. Baby steps, right?



And that's all for today. Tomorrow will see the pants and leathers blocked in, and possibly his eyes. Once the eyes are done, I'll block in the "visible" skin tone (no, he won't stay that orange!)

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I won't claim I'm not crazy, but if you put me in a straightjacket, I can't even TRY to paint this!


No lunchtime painting today; the weather is too nice not to go outside. I may have some time this afternoon, we shall see. But I did spend my lunch going over some 2D shading tutorials on Deviantart, which gave me a few ideas.


And, @Glitterwolf...it is ALWAYS time for second breakfast!

I won't claim I'm not crazy, but if you put me in a straightjacket, I can't even TRY to paint this!


No lunchtime painting today; the weather is too nice not to go outside. I may have some time this afternoon, we shall see. But I did spend my lunch going over some 2D shading tutorials on Deviantart, which gave me a few ideas.


And, @Glitterwolf...it is ALWAYS time for second breakfast!

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Ha! Actually got to paint some today, despite a meeting that went long and ate into my lunch break.



45 minutes


Finished basecoating everything. The jacket is still Ancient Oak; the pants are a mix of Blackened Brown and Tanned Leather (as is the leather band on the back of the jacket); straps and pouch are straight Blackened Brown; Vest is a mix of Sunlight Yellow and Saffron Sunset. Stones on the base are Ghost white and Corporeal Shadow.


Then I did the eyes. I started off basing them in Ghost White (usually I do corneas in Leather White, but that's not in my go-bag at work) but it was waaaaay too blue, so I re-did them in Linen White. It's more yellow than I usually like for corneas but I think it will work well in the torchlight. Pupils are Corporeal Shadow. After finishing the eyes, I put down Rosy Shadow in the skin.


The blade is based in Ghost White and the flame is Linen White.


So this is where we are at the end of the day:



I think his eyeliner is a bit uch; I need to bring my Optivisor to work and touch those up (and the eyebrows!), but on the whole I like his expression. I think it's a bit wry, and a bit terrified. Which seems reasonable for a hobbit alone in a dark cavern.


Oh! And i did some very basic geometric patterns on his vest, not sure how well they show up.



I also asked my dad (a photographer) for some help, and he's going to make me a photo of a face lit in similar fashion. But I should be able to start blocking in shadows soon. I'll try to remember to take more photos as I do.

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14 minutes ago, chaosscorpion said:

So,  If you are looking of your subject matter for Lunch Session #3. I liked your idea of Wyrmgear...::o:   ::P:   ::D:



I know, I know. I dont plan to bring anything quite that large to work just yet, but I have both Wyrmgear and Narthrax to finish once I get my table set up at home. That might not be until 2018, but both dragons are high on the list, along with my Everblight Archangel, to inaugurate the new paint table.


Loim, thanks for stopping by!

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I did mow the lawn today...but yesterday, I was at work and i did get to paint, a little bit.


DAY 03:

25 minutes


Some of the time today was spent doing wet palette maintenance...it's important to clean up at the end of the week, or Monday morning will include a green fug of mildew hovering near my desk. Really, I think Wednesdays need to include a change of water, even if there's still decent paint on the paper.


The rest of the time was spent laying in Corporeal Shadow...shadows...on the base. So here's that:




And today, before mowing the lawn, I took a walk through a neighborhood I haven't often frequented...and discovered a Blick Art Shop! So now I have a new loyalty card on my keychain, a new jar of Master brush soap specifically to go live at my desk, and a new sticker to adorn my wet palette case. I thought about taking a photo of this swag, but it's not the most exciting stuff I could have picked up. They don't carry W&NS7 or DaVinci brushes in the store...which is a point in favor of the locally-owned shop I usually frequent...and I don't like the Isabey brushes they did have as much. They did have one Isabey on clearance, but they let me wet it and it came to a nice point that splayed ferociously after a single snap, so even at five bucks it was a no-go. But on the whole, I'm glad to know the shop is there, and I'll keep an eye on their specials!

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very quick update just to get these posted from my computer at home before I go to work. I did get some time in yesterday.


DAY 04

1 hour


Blocked in shadows with Corporeal Shadow. It's a bit early, but I'm definitely feeling the "broccoli-point" of the mini, where everything just looks terrible before it gets better. But the OSL dwarf I did a few years ago did the same thing, so I just need to push on...that'll be today.

Shadows blocked in:




Also, my dad set up his camera with some blue and orange lights and a larger statue (her head is about 1.5 inches tall, so she's a bit bigger than our hobbit, here...), so I have a reference to work from for the dual-light shadows/highlights.


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