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I recently discovered that I really liked listening to D&D games being played while painting.  I watched/listened to a few videos with Matt Mercer DMing some really cool games. 


What podcasts/videos do you all like to watch/listen to?

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2 minutes ago, ub3r_n3rd said:

I recently discovered that I really liked listening to D&D games being played while painting.  I watched/listened to a few videos with Matt Mercer DMing some really cool games. 


What podcasts/videos do you all like to watch/listen to?


I don't so much watch Let's Play style roleplaying videos; I've tried but they seem to mostly put me to sleep. But I do quite like more advice-style series. No links because I don't know who is selling things (sorry).

  • Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
  • Geek & Sundry's Game Master Tips (Mercer to start, then Satine Phoenix. Phoenix took me a bit to get used to and still occasionally doesn't really click , but there's some pretty good stuff there.)
  • Matthew Colville (Some brilliant stuff; some pretty good stuff, and some stuff that I disagree with pretty strongly but that probably work really well for people with other styles.)
  • How to be a Great Gamemaster
  • Improvised Radio Theatre - with Dice

They're all reasonably well produced for what they are and the presenters are pretty easy to listen to. Sometimes really interesting and sometimes useful only because they help me to clarify why I think they're wrong, wrong, wrong^_^

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For me it's Stoner/doom Metal or in another vein, I like to listen to anything about; Dark Matter, Dark Gravity, Ghost Particles, Quantum Physics and Abstract Theory in general, or H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert E. Howard ebook novels.

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I am going to be listening to Critical Roll for a long time to come. Many of the DM ones are too short. If I have to fiddle with controls more than once an hour, I am out.


When I kind of feel odd and want some steampunk in my life, I go back to the Malifaux podcasts “The Breachside Broadcast”... be warned, there’s immortality in them thar hills!


Sometimes, though, I end up in space. I’ve spent some time with Kat Kuhl and the Campaign podcast using the Edge of Empire (FFG Star Wars Roleplay system). Fair warning, they can be overly creative at points and end up in weird messes.


And recently, I discovered that with my Amazon Prime, I can add a lot of albums to my Music and create some extensive music selections... say all the soundtracks for Game of Thrones. This worked really well as a background while we were playing games. Easy to add in new at no additional cost... also works great for painting.

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You guys are focusing way too much on the good games.


Authors and Dragons - a group of comedic fantasy authors playing in a Pathfinder game run by another comedic fantasy author....


A bad Pathfinder game! (They have a lot of fun.)


The Auld Grump - half the party was almost killed by a well... not even an evil well....



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