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I recently discovered that I really liked listening to D&D games being played while painting.  I watched/listened to a few videos with Matt Mercer DMing some really cool games. 


What podcasts/videos do you all like to watch/listen to?

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2 minutes ago, ub3r_n3rd said:

I recently discovered that I really liked listening to D&D games being played while painting.  I watched/listened to a few videos with Matt Mercer DMing some really cool games. 


What podcasts/videos do you all like to watch/listen to?


I don't so much watch Let's Play style roleplaying videos; I've tried but they seem to mostly put me to sleep. But I do quite like more advice-style series. No links because I don't know who is selling things (sorry).

  • Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
  • Geek & Sundry's Game Master Tips (Mercer to start, then Satine Phoenix. Phoenix took me a bit to get used to and still occasionally doesn't really click , but there's some pretty good stuff there.)
  • Matthew Colville (Some brilliant stuff; some pretty good stuff, and some stuff that I disagree with pretty strongly but that probably work really well for people with other styles.)
  • How to be a Great Gamemaster
  • Improvised Radio Theatre - with Dice

They're all reasonably well produced for what they are and the presenters are pretty easy to listen to. Sometimes really interesting and sometimes useful only because they help me to clarify why I think they're wrong, wrong, wrong^_^

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For me it's Stoner/doom Metal or in another vein, I like to listen to anything about; Dark Matter, Dark Gravity, Ghost Particles, Quantum Physics and Abstract Theory in general, or H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert E. Howard ebook novels.

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I am going to be listening to Critical Roll for a long time to come. Many of the DM ones are too short. If I have to fiddle with controls more than once an hour, I am out.


When I kind of feel odd and want some steampunk in my life, I go back to the Malifaux podcasts “The Breachside Broadcast”... be warned, there’s immortality in them thar hills!


Sometimes, though, I end up in space. I’ve spent some time with Kat Kuhl and the Campaign podcast using the Edge of Empire (FFG Star Wars Roleplay system). Fair warning, they can be overly creative at points and end up in weird messes.


And recently, I discovered that with my Amazon Prime, I can add a lot of albums to my Music and create some extensive music selections... say all the soundtracks for Game of Thrones. This worked really well as a background while we were playing games. Easy to add in new at no additional cost... also works great for painting.

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I either listen to youtube channels or do the Forum member Hangouts when I'm painting.


For Youtube I choose either educational videos (Vsauce, CGPGrey, Numebrphile, Tom Scott, ViHart) or I listen to videos that discuss the game system relevant to the models I am painting.

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You guys are focusing way too much on the good games.


Authors and Dragons - a group of comedic fantasy authors playing in a Pathfinder game run by another comedic fantasy author....


A bad Pathfinder game! (They have a lot of fun.)


The Auld Grump - half the party was almost killed by a well... not even an evil well....



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      Hellborn Troll
      from WizKids' Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures
      I stopped at AC Moore today and picked up one of the FolkArt Pickling Washes I didn't have while my wife was shopping for school play costume materials.  Nearby I found FolkArt Ultra Dyes and picked up two colors to check out; Purple Rain and Pucker Up (a yellow).

      I have enjoyed using the Glass Enamels with the long cure time before and thought these might work similarly.   I decided to wash my troll with the Purple Rain to see how it comes out and goes on.

      It's fairly thick out of the bottle but I might not have shaken it enough.  It was taking forever to dry so I hit it with some Testors Dullcote to speed the process and reduce the shine.  It's glossy like inks.
      Next, I used Reaper Blood Red to give him the Hellborn look I wanted.

      Then I pulled out Reaper Violet Shadow to get his hair, teeth and claws darkened.

      I then went back over the boney bits with the FolkArt Ultra Dye.  It'll put the glossy touch to the claws and teeth.
      I am quite happy with him so far.  
      Stay tuned and Enjoy!
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      Here's some shots from the penultimate session of our D&D game.
      The party finally confronts the Sewn Sisters.
      The tiles are from "Dwarven Forge" and "Secret Weapon".  The tables, chairs, and most props are from "Mantic:Terrain Crate", with the cauldron being from an Old Glory Crones set.  
      The Scarecrow & Leomon (Half-Elf Paladin) are from "Reaper Bones".
      The rest of the party are 3D prints, from HeroForge, Desktop Hero, and Miguel Zavala.
      The Sewn Sisters are 3D prints from DarkRealms.
      Everything was hand painted by myself.

      Cradle of the Death God.
      The tiles are Dwarven Forge.
      The party are 3D prints, with designs from Hero Forge, Desktop Hero, and Miguel Zavala. (One is a Reaper Bones piece)
      The Soulmonger is a 3D print designed by Miguel Zavala.  The God That Never Was is a 3D design by Duncan "Shadow" Louca.
      Everything was painted by myself.  I also added LEDs.

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      Hey everybody!
      Tried to get the word out by word of mouth, and decided on here might be a good way to go about it as well. The tables for gaming had to be altered from what was on the printed schedule due to some logistics issues. (Logic?! At a con?! Say it isn't so.)
      Games on GrowTix should reflect accurate locations (and hopefully always reflected accurate times). Also, there are printed schedules available on the table just beside registration. ALSO, ALSO, I attached the Xcel spreadsheet of the schedule if anyone wants to peruse.
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      We're starting a new 5th Ed D&D campaign in a couple weeks.  I decided I might play a rogue, so I wandered down to the LFGS at lunch and looked at what was there (because I obviously have NO miniatures already I could use).
      Spotted the Tabaxi Rogue female pack from WizKids (I like the sculpts and poses of the female figs more than the male ones) so that's going to be my next character.

      Cool fig, primer isn't too bad.  Some nasty mold lines but I only have a week to paint this so I'm not messing with them.  Maybe after I'll clean up the "advanced" version and do a better job on her.
      And after some time fiddling with colours.

      Well, that looks a mess.  Just figuring out colours.
      Skin base is MSP Alien Flesh.  Cloth is MSPB Succubus Kiss. Had AV Model Air Black handy so used that to start base coating metals.  And leather is MSP Leather Brown.  Still not sure on the leather but I'll give it some time to think about it and maybe try a wash on it.
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