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Drow Nipple Pink Substitute


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1 hour ago, nakos said:

It was an extremely limited Reapercon color a few years ago. It will be making its return to Reapercon this year. 

Holy cow a friend of mine sent me a FB msg a bit ago asking if this was a thing and I was like I dunno how many people I should ask lol apparently I should! 


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It was a joke by, I think, one of the Pughs. Anne has a board in her paint lab with the names of paints that need to be made. At one point during the first Kickstarter, when she (like everyone at Reaper) was frazzled and trying to get everything done in time to ship out rewards, one of them added the name to the board with all the other paints she had to make. 


And then it was made into an actual paint for Reapercon.

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That's funny. 


So, I found it's n Paintrack and the closest match according to the app is Createx Opaque Lilac.


Just in case anyone has an urgent need to paint some Drow Nipples but can't make it to Reapercon...


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Drow Nipple Pink is a very similar value to Dark Elf Highlight. Where Dark Elf Highlight is more of a grayed purple, DNP is more of a grayed magenta. If you mix a touch of Violet Red into Dark Elf Highlight you can get a colour that is not identical to DNP, but which is pretty close.


Also I think they're going to try to give away some DNP on Reaper Live...

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