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Ash Adler

60025: Grey Maiden

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7 hours ago, Logos said:

I really like the gem.  What was the colors and techniques you used?


First step was to have a solid base coat of black. I probably did 3 or 4 coats in between doing other details, to be sure that I had a solid foundation.


Next step was to cover about 75% in purple, leaving a little ellipse of black facing towards the light source.


Then I mixed some purple, red, and white to get a slightly pinkish purple. Similar to the previous step, this went on about 50% of the gem, leaving a ring of solid purple towards the highlight.


Then I added more red and white to get a lighter pinkish purple for about the bottom 25% of the gem.


I made a spot of pure white in the black region and a little arc of white at the bottom of the gem.


Finally, I put a light coat of gloss varnish on it.


The gem on the sword was the same idea, but I skipped the pinks and just went 50/50 of black and purple, since it was such a small area.


I used black (70.950), royal purple (70.810), amaranth red dark vermilion (70.947), and white (70.951) from Vallejo model colors, but that's just because I only have the medeival colors set as my paints for now.

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Added color codes for the paints
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Thanks for all the positive feedback.  I should've said that on my previous post, but that was just a quick smartphone reply because I wanted to answer Logos's question as soon as I saw it.


5 hours ago, Kuro Cleanbrush said:

Nice work all around!  I especially like that gem!

Hey, your wet palette video was the one I found to explain what those are, because I kept seeing the term flung around without anyone bothering to define it.  I was always struggling with my paint drying out quickly when I started out, so your video really helped me out ::):

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that gem is lovely! Thanks for the write up on it.


I believe I have this mini in my stock...you have given me ideas on how to paint it.

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1 hour ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

Also, what metal technique did you use? I love the realistic look you have going.

I don't know if it's any sort of particular technique, really.  I started out with black primer, then mixed silver and black paint until I got to a suitably steel-ish color for base coating.  That was followed by a black ink wash, then I added just a little more silver to the base color for a first highlight layer, followed by using plain silver paint for the final highlighting and for the filigree.  I suppose the trick to it was in getting a nice silver+black mix.  I'd give the color ratios if I could, but I pretty much do all of my mixing by feel.


If it'd help with getting an idea of the colors along the way, here's a picture of what it looked like after base coating (I think the blue reflection on the sword and shield was actually because of having an open window, so don't pay too much attention to that :lol:):



And here it is after the ink wash (along with putting black on the gems-to-be):



If you want to see more "in progress" pictures, you can check the link in the first post.


I'm really not experienced enough to judge between different paint brands (mostly on account of not having used any paints other than the ones that I have at the moment :lol:), but for what it's worth, the specific paints that I used were Citadel imperial black primer, Vallejo model colors black (70.950) and silver (70.997), and Citadel nuln oil for the ink wash.

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