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A heartfelt thanks...


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Never in my life have I ever attended anything like what I just experienced this past weekend at ReaperCon.


First, to Al, Kit, Ron, Matt, Tim, Jay, Bryan and on and on and on - the wonderful people of Reaper who put this all together, who gave of their time and considerable efforts to indulge all of us fans. Without you there would be no Reaper, and you created an atmosphere that was welcoming and wonderful to be a part of. Words fail to express my gratitude for everything.


To all the Masters. THANK YOU for putting up with (my) questions and showing someone how to do it just a bit better the next time around. And to excite me into doing more, even if it is a bit slower.


To all my fellow attendees... What can I say, but DARN GLAD TO MEET YOU!!! Thanks for always asking how the hand was, and the ability for all of us just to interact in person. From badgering a waitress at the BBQ joint, to sticking fingers in the water effects, to paint and takes, to classes, to pointing out cool stuff in the bits area while shopping, to staying up painting and talking in the hotel rooms until after 130 am, to just being excited to be there and marvel together.



Now, I have to unscrew my head and digest all this new information I've been handed. And see if can't make sense of it all.

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I have to agree with everything you said Jester...It was a blast...It was great seeing the people and putting faces to the painters...and seeing the wonderul paint jobs of everyone...I will say...the real thing was better than the pictures in every case...


And welcome Jester to the Light Side :devil: .



I can't wait tell next year...

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nice meeting you, too, jester.


i also had a great time & learned more than a ton, reaper-peeps. special shout-outs to Marike, Lilliana, Jen, & Anne for taking the time to give me pointers up close & personal.


Wow, I can wet blend!!


And my metallics are loads better after only a short time.


And Cher - you also put in a lot of effort to make the con go. what a wonderful thing for a non-reaper employee to do. You definitely rock my world.


so anyway, thanks again anyone and everyone who helped make this more fun to me!!!!!


and an extra shout out to KIT for starting this forum that gave us a chance to insist Reaper let us all come for a visit!! Honestly, no forum, no visit. Thus I'm quite sure you made all the difference!!




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The Georgia Gang just made it home, and again, thanks to everyone at Reaper, and all the forum members for a weekend that will live forever! It was so good to finally meet all our friends from the forum.


For years I've heard the term "like a kid in a candy store". Now I know what it means......


Special thanks to all the Reaper employees who were such wonderful hosts to us all. Your pride in your company and your work is truly evident. Next time I drop a paycheck on Reaper minis at my FLGS, I'll see the faces behind the product. Many a true class-act in Denton, Texas!


...and more thanks to Leech and Mad Pat for FINALLY getting me to play CAV, asopposed to painting a few of them. reat game, well taught, and we are hooked. Your mission is done......

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What Jester Said!


Thanks to all the Reaper staff for always making sure everyone had something to do. Whenever I started "just wandering around", they would be sure to come up and ask "can I get you into a D&D group?" or "Can I help you find a spot on the Paint & Take table?". Always making an effort to ensure I had a great time.


My personal HUGE thank you to Anne, who let me sit right next to her through 2 full classes and learn by watching her with my face a foot from her brush! :wub:


I LOVED the whole weekend, and wouldn't hesitate to return next year!!

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I too had a great time. Thanks to all the Reaper folks, sculptors and painters for putting up with us, our questions, badgering, and bad jokes. It was indeed very nice putting faces to the names on these boards, and actually seeing how nice people you all are in a more humanly interaction (but that's no big surprise I guess looking at the friendliness oozing on these boards).


Can't wait till next year... :B): And for those of you who'll make it to Origins and/or Gencon, hope to see you there.

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I would like to thank all the Reaper peeps for the wonderful weekend.

The new facility is incredible! I hope you are happy with the new location.

I would like to thank the painters and sculptors for their time and tutelage.

They were patient (and gentle with the critique process) and very encouraging.

And lastly, I would like to thank ALL the people that were able to make it to

the ReaperCon, be it locally or from out-of-state.

Meeting so many wonderful and talented individuals gives a voice and a face

to SO many posts on this board.

(even the "evil" aligned were on "good" behavior) ::P:


I hope everyone makes it home safely and with just as many or even more fond memories of this weekend.

I hope something equally good happens for those that weren't able to make it.

All warm and fuzzy,



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This was a truly amazing trip. I am so glad I went, and it was definitely worth every cent I spent. I just wished it was a week instead of just two days.


For those who didn't make it, you owe it to yourself to try to get to the next one, whenever that is. You won't regret it.

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From the other side of the fence, thanks to everyone who came and played CAV or ran through a quick Demo.


Really was fun to watch you guys learn the game and try to solve the puzzle frank and I layed out.


Remember protect those Hedgehogs!!!



Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

Dallas Texas

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