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Freeport Lizard Man

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That is a SPLENDID looking Lizard Lad...I love the long neck. You did an OUTSTANDING job with brush & palette on both the mini & the base. VERY NICELY DONE!

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Yup, you nailed it alright! The scales and underbelly all speak lizard. Could a light gloss varnish add to that effect, I dont know. Might be worth a try.. 


Also, were the green vine like things part of the original base or did you attach them yourself? If so, what did you use (it looks awesome by the way)?

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@Ratmaster2000 -- sadly, no, not EverQuest.  This is Freeport, City of Pirates, an extremely detailed city designed for use in d20 based games.  It started out in 3.5, and then they did a Kickstarter to port it to Pathfinder.  This was a promo mini that got made as part of that, by Eastern Front Studios.


@VolksFest -- the green vines were part of the base.  It's from Micro Art Studios.  Or I thought it was -- I went looking for it on their site and couldn't find it again.  Hrm.  Anyway, everything was built in from the start, which made it pretty challenging to attach anything else to it.  Fortunately this guy's dainty feet fit neatly into the two open spots on the base.

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    • By nihilville
      After painting a bunch of orcs I was pretty sick of green skin tones, so these Lizardmen Archers are blue.
      Also, why they got to be Lizard "men" Reaper? I'm not an expert in sexual dimorphism amongst lizards, but maybe one of these two lizardfolk is actually a female...
      All joking aside, I only painted 2 out of this 4 lizardfolk set, and was planning on painting the other two in about a year or so to track any improvements in my skill level.

    • By Kev!

      P.S. Could it be a Dragonborn?
    • By wickedshifty
      I painted this one as a fire salamander...
      cause honestly I’m sick of the other 12 I have and I needed to stop painting in green. Super happy with how he came out. 

    • By Lidless Eye
      It isn't easy being green!

      Especially when you're green and not an Orc, or a Goblin, or a Troll, or a Gith, or a....wow, there's a lot of green monsters!

      The Froghemoth:

      I hadn't even noticed the clutch of eggs until I was inking the base!  I'm happy with how they came out...reference photos had frog eggs in the entire rainbow of colors.

      The Jungle Titan.  This guy was a lot of fun to paint.  I'm not sure what I'll use him as...maybe just an overgrown Lizard King in D&D 5E.

      The Weregator.  He'll likely be used as a Gatorman heavy for Lizardfolk runs.

      Last and least, Lizardfolk!


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