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88193 frost wyrm WIP


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Hi guys.  I worked at dry brushing the body of this frost wyrm last night and I've got that to a point that I like I think.   Since this is my stand in for a D&D Remorhaz, what i"m wanting to do is to paint the heated effect on the inside of the frill on its back.  As a reference, the picture at this link is the sort of effect I want to go for: http://forum.reapermini.com/uploads/monthly_03_2015/post-3328-0-23417000-1425746221.jpg

As far as paint colours go, I do have the fire triad MSP paints (Fire red, Phoenix red and Fire Orange).  unfortunately this doesn't include a shade of yellow for part of the brighter effect.  My questions are:

1.  What would be the best way to go about replicating this effect (i.e. order of painting)?

2.  The only yellow paints I have are the Pale Saffron from my Reaper Learn to Paint Core Skills kit and Averlund Sunset by Citadel (which IMO seems a bit too dark of a shade).  Would the pale saffron work for this?


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well I've finally pretty much finished painting this mini and now I'm moving on to thoughts of what to do to base it.  It'd be a 2.5-ish inch base (huge creature) and I'd like to make it look like it has burst out of the icy ground, sort of in the middle of the large slabs of ice where it broke through.  Anyone have some ideas for hwo best to go about this? never done any basing.

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