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Learn to Paint Kit 3: NMM

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Some progress, got 2-3 layers of highlight in most places. Unfortunately, the last layer kind of ran everywhere <_<




Focused mainly on the skin layers, with some work on the metals. The previous skin layers were very yellow (the main base color is Palomino Gold) and this was the first one that appeared non-jaundiced. 


Tyden here hasnt had any real highlighting done on her metals. I think overall those are a lost cause on these two minis. Gonna press on though, see what happens. I think I’ll ultimately have to chalk these up to a learning experience.

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36 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

If it makes you feel better, my first NMM weapons (two small axes) took me four hours total. I nitpicked it for so darned long! 


I believe it, this is definitely a technique which requires practice and patience above all else! This experience has also started to show the appeal of a wet palette. The paper plate I am currently using is not up to the task.

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