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She turned out so awesome. I love the monster bits all over the base and the green slime! I really like how you went for a different take on her armor. Who says you can't be girly and kick butt at the same time? Haha! I also like how the green on her top seems textured, like scales or something. Very well done!

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Thanks for the kind comments everyone, I'm happy you like her.


7 hours ago, wdmartin said:

I like the vibrancy of the green ichor splattered everywhere.  Any particular paint/technique you used on that?


For the monster's blood, I simply mixed white glue and 09294, Alien Goo color. I mixed until it started to get thick, then I applied it.

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There is some serious vying for attention between Babe, Shield, & Base that somehow does not detract in the slightest from a GLORIOUS IMAGINATIVE creation. That your brushwork & eye for colors are OUTSTANDING is self evident. The WONDERFUL attention to details on the base is inspired & inspiring. BEAUTIFULLY WELL DONE!

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5 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Awesome. This really has a John Blanche vibe to it. And that is a compliment. 


Wow! John Blanche... It definitely got to have something to do with the sculpt. However, I'm happy you like my paint job, thanks for the compliment.

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      Hello everyone, today is a Pathfinder day. I did my best to paint it as faithfully as possible respecting the original artwork colors. This is the metal version 60136, Aglanda the herald of Razmir sculpted by Bobby Jackson. It's also available in Bones plastic under sku: 89040.









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