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Monstrous unit ideas for Dragon Rampant?


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For my son's Christmas present, I'm letting him pick out an army for himself for Dragon Rampant. He's going with a monster theme. He's already picked out a couple Bones Burrowing Horrors, three Beastmen, and possibly some Arachnid Warriors and Archers. Goremaw is also going to have a place in his army. In general he's trying to stay away from humanoid figures (I'll probably get him a few more beastmen just to give him some more options), and he's got no interest in undead or aberrations - he just wants monsters. I believe the plan does call for some hordes of vermin as well. I'd prefer to stick with Bones as much as possible and definitely avoid metal if possible - these are going to be thrown in a box and carted around all over the place, metal figures would be chipped and wrecked in no time.


In theory he's picking out his own units but I want to be able to offer him some ideas, and I also want a couple surprises in there when he opens it up on Christmas day. ::): So! Anyone have any suggestions?


And for that matter, if you have good suggestions for other themed armies and units, feel free to toss those in... He's going to need opponents. ::): Especially for mounted units!


Thanks all!

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