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Gus Landt

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I didn't get a tour in, sadly enough. That just means I'll have to come back.


It's my own fault, though. If I hadn't been so engrossed in painting, I would have been able to see everything. Seeing the masters of the future minis made up for it, though.



**edited for clarity

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will's favorites: puppy, goose & maverick, rex, critter & baby, driving his school bus and zamboni, the bulldozer in the yard, the "indoor forklifts" rides (Thanx Robert & Gary)


my favorite moments.....wow. too many to even start to share, I had a whole week of Reaper goodness and maybe in the next week it will settle down enough to pick out some favorites. I could start with hijacking sculptors at the airport.....


cher :wacko:

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overhearing just how prepared Brooding is to bring Houston a quality FLGS

^_^ Thanks ON! There'll always be a place for you, Garm, & Rex at our painting table! This was one of my cool memories - watching Rex at the end of the Paint & Take table while mama was coaching him. Good to see the next generation learning at an early age!


- Enjoyed meeting leech and "Mad Pat" and hearing all about CAV. You haven't met two guys with more enthusiasm for the game! And I'm jealous of leech's playing location back home!


- I really enjoyed meeting the Atlanta contingent, esp. watching Viking Chess and watching Levin Clark march around everywhere with his magnifying goggles on his head! :lol:


- Marvelling at all the playing tables set up & the variety of them (LOVED the swamp table); related - seeing Ed's sand table demo. Can't wait to practice this one myself. My poor wife.


- Definitely good to meet everyone, but esp. the The Darakan Chronicles folks: CD, M-TLH, and LS


- Painting next to Jester and flynn while Anne amazed us all


- Meeting the sculptors & having engaging conversations with Sandra Garrity ( :wub: ), Michael Brand, and Bobby Jackson (another Alabama native!!!).


- Meeting Talin. He was as friendly as I've heard everyone say. He talked to everyone like he's been your buddy for 20 years or something...and the artwork...


- Getting lost with gaucho in Denton


The best moment: turning into the driveway to Reaper's facility Friday evening and feeling the rush of "This is really happening...!!!!"


I'm sure I've left a ton of stuff out, (like seeing Whiz's Guardian Angel conversion) but it was all enough for me to start campaigning for ReaperCon 2005!!!

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It wasn't in the fiscal cards for this year I'm afraid, so I couldn't attend despite my uber best intentions. It sounds like the first Reapercon was a smash hit, and I definitely hope there are more to come!


::Starts saving nickels and picking up all those stray pennnies.:::


I am looking forward to all the pics and stories, and trust that Kit will post some sort of "official" coverage of the event on the site??


Wish I could have been there....


BTW, one of those swag hats is mine! I've got enough points at last!!! YEAAA!

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I believe there will be a ReaperCon wrapup in the next Casketworks. At least, that's what CasketWorks #14 was advertising. I'll have a few pics to put up as well, once I get them off of my camera. :wacko: I've just been too busy since I got home.

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Well The Whole Atlanta(-GG-,Aegrist13,Steven Page,Unglef)

Wasnt There,But I Guess My Best Memory Was Hearing About It From The Other Guys.

But I Hope You Dont Have It On The Weekend Of May 21,2005 As I'm Getting Married That Weekend.

Could Make A Good Honeymoon Trip! Glad To Hear Everybody Had A Good Time!



Mordheim(Shane Pinson)

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Hey all! I just might have to start posting regular like.


There was a lot going on that I completely missed, and apparently, a lot of it was really cool!


Viking chess rocked. And I took Steven 3 in a row, so he ain't no 4 of 6! ::D:


Loved the capture the flag CAV game, and want to do one for my FLGS crew. (note to self, light mortars only).


It was great to talk to Leech and Mad Pat about my CAV junkyard, and covering all the finer points of designing CAV forces.


Seeing all the great paint jobs, the painters, the scultpers, Talin's work, and all the forum talent. It's pretty cool that there are people in the world devoted to making art, and it's even cooler that we're friends with some of them!


That's enough for now!



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Oh heck! I almost forgot!


I finally got a t-shirt and mini of sophie in the pose that I have wanted from the get-go, the one from the back of the blisters!! Mini is beautiful!!! (not to rub anyones nose in not being able to attend, or anything) :devil:

...there's a mini of Sophie like the picture on the back of the blister cards?? :blink:


Is there ANY way that someone who couldn't attend get his hands on such a thing, or were there very limited amounts produced?? :huh:

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Well I was only there a few hours on Saturday, but meeting the few people I got to meet was cool. One real cool highlight was watching the casting process, then watching the castings get tossed right back into a pot of molten metal.

And here is a pic of the mini in question by the way. Sorry she would have looked better primered, but I haven't had a chance to clean her yet.


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