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Gus Landt

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I think I managed to avoid severe damage by calling her as soon as the purchase was made. Normally we check with each other if either of us is going to make a purchase over a certain dollar limit but I married a wonderful woman that though she doesn't really fully understand the hobby she understands me pretty well. I think she knew it was coming... :;):

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I did okay on the budget I'd set for myself... my main goal was to buy out all the squirrels (which I think I did) and to get the monkey on the treasure chest (from the Pirates set), which I didn't.


My biggest one-shot purchases were the two "learn-to-paint" sets that I'm going to give as a birthday present to a friend in the D&D group who really wants to learn to paint.


... oh... and the blisters. Lots and lots of blisters.


How the airline ever got my suitcase closed again, I'll never know... I had to literally sit on the thing to get it closed. ::D:

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So, now the big question:

Did anyone get their butt kicked by there spouse/s.o. when they got home with all their new lead?

Luckily, I brought my wife along for the weekend, so I got the pain over quickly (plus I kept it at $150)  :B):


Anyone still in the doghouse?



Am I evil for being able to somehow magically hide the $340 I spent on lead from my spouse of 13 years?


...Although I know that she notices more lead on my prop table; maybe she is just letting me think I got away with it! :rock:


Luckly, I can still point my finger at others *cough*BP*cough* who spent well over what I did :blink:

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Ya running the CAV demos over next to the check out stand was highly amusing to me to watch all of you shovle your bits on to the counter to purchase.


but hey the more we buy the more willing they will be to do this all over again next year.


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

Dallas Texas

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O.K. Now that I'm a lil more awake and aware...


Highlights for me were, (in no particular order) Metting all you freaks (especially the Georgia-crew. Yall are alright!). Learning a WHOLE BUNCH about painting without even going to multiple classes (the last half hour of Anne's class that I sorta hung out at was especially informative), Seeing my name in the credits of the Warlord book, and finding out that my skellies made it in to the Necropolis studio army made me about freak (Baasen likes to call it "giddy"), watching Jester hop out of where the sculpting classes took place exclaiming very loudly "IT TAKES SO LONG!", Warlord Deathmatch (though I wasn't too great at it, it was still a blast), the sand tables and demo of how to do it. Being still almost undeafeated @ Warlord, Talin's art blew my mind, The new Dragon, Texas food, and, though I'll complain non-stop about how long and exhausting the drive from TX to MI is, I can't deny I saw some beautiful country. Besides, I had some good company. Baasen and Skya are really good people, and I really enjoyed our conversations.


I'm still flying next time.


And no, I most certainly did not get in trouble with my S.O. about what I spent there. Besides, I only spent about 110$ on stuff ::D:

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The ICBM airduct.

Paint pots loaded with skulls.

Boxes, baskets and baggies waiting to be filled with purchases.

The two scythes by the front door to greet you.

The wonderful new dragon scuplt GG took the great picture of.

The look of amazement and pride when Sandra Garrity saw what Whiz

had done to convert and paint his Guardian Angel figure was worth 1,000 words.

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Personal Highlights... Hmm... Were there any??? :rock::lol:


OK... Here we go...


1.) Meeting each and every one of you face-to-face for the first time. I can't name names... as my hands would grow numb from all the typing!!! Never in my life have I felt so immediately comfortable being surrounded by so many new faces. I'm thrilled to have made each of your acquaintances and am sorely disappointed that I didn't have more time to spend with everyone. You're a swell bunch of folks... well, that GA Crew has me worried... ::P: But, seriously... Had I known you'd all be such great folks, I'd have booked a week or more to hang in the hotel, paint, chat, whatever... And to those of you I only had the time to say "hello" to, believe me, I feel the loss. I'll catch you next year when Reaper holds this thing for a week... :poke:::P:


2.) Catching up with the Storms... Again, far too little time spent with you given all my classes, but it was sweet to see you again. ^_^


3.) Painting classes... Need I say more?


4.) The thoughtful and pointed advice of Anne, Derek, Jen, Lili, Michael, and so many other talented artists. Thank you each for the time you shared with me. I learned so much.


5.) Watching you CRAZY KIDS haul bag after bag of lead out of the joint. WOW!!! You're all nuts!!!


6.) Trying to play Hacky-Sack with Jeremy Storm... What's the matter, bud? You chicken or something? :;):


7.) Checking out all of the wonderful art by so many talented folks both on the Reaper side of the fence and the attendee side. Wow. You guys floor me.


8.) Speculating about the fate of James. Nuff said. :lol:


9.) Horrifying poor Flit with Kevin by way of our appauling behavior. I can't help it. Kevin brings out the best... err... worst in me. ::P:


10.) Did I mention meeting all of you fine folks? I'm blown away by the volume of good will I encountered this past weekend. Reaper -- You must do this again, if only so I can see my friends again.... Never mind pour oodles of money into your coffers, heap mounds of adoration on you, etc., etc., etc.... ::):


Oh, and I suppose meeting Kev for the first time was ok, too... (ya rat!) :B):

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I could go on all night about how great it all was, but I'm still trying to get back some of the sleep I lost.




Getting my mini from Frosch, and I'm still working on a name for her.


Seeing my name in the Warlord book, and still not feeling quite worthy to be listed amoung you other awesome folks.


Getting a signed line sketch of Gragg Elfslayer from Talin. That one is going in a frame soon.


Meeting so many of the nice folks down at Reaper who work to earn all my Mister's money. You all deserve every bit of it because you work so hard to make each mini the best.


Learning how to play in the sand properly from Ed. I have a feeling that my dining room table will soon be covered in sand.


Seeing Texas! It's a beautiful state and so big and wide and green and .. FLAT! I've never been so far away from the hills before.


Meeting Lady Storm and Orchid and Frosch and Kelcor and Mike TLH and Jestor and Baasen and .. ugh now here I go sounding like Oscar night. ALL the folks who were there are the BEST... and Aegrist too... even though we still aren't sure where he was half the weekend.


Eating proper Texas barbeque... ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!


Getting a chance to name the dragon. .. so when do we find out who won? Eh?


Using up BOTH of my memory cards in my digital camera. I know next year to bring a third card, praps my laptop and a few disks, and three or four spare lithium batteries so I don't miss a single moment.


So.. WHEN is the next one gonna be?!?!?

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I also had a blast...Heh...I spent most of Saturday at the Paint and Take table...I missed the tour and a chance to play Warlord or Cav...oh well I had fun talking and painting...


It was a blast talking with all the painters(especially Jester, Flynn, Whiz, and Mengu)...getting tips from Derik and Jen...(heh I get advice from Anne every Sunday)


Heh...I snuck my 5 lbs of lead down in the basement...I have so much lead down there that I don't think my wife even noticed... ::P:

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Poking the sand-tables


So that was you huh Frosch?!? :o)


The main highlights for me were:

  • Putting faces to names (and avatars)
  • Watching people trying to take that dang Flag :o)
  • Getting to rummage around in the bins and pick up lots of goodies
  • Jump start my Armour collection in a major way :o)
  • Show people how cool CAV is, or at least beginning the process :o)
  • Favourite quote was from Unglef - "I don't care about that flag, I just wanna kill stuff"
  • Getting to meet and hang out with all the ReaperPeeps, including the ones out in the shop who we don't see posting much (*hint hint*) and seeing how minis are made
  • Not being the only leper, I mean smoker, there :o)

I'm definately eagre for the next one.... and I look forward to seeing people at Origins and next ReaperCon.


Oh and Broods, we'll get you and Jester speed painting CAV's by the section.... just you wait and see :o)


One of the best things all weekend was the intro I got from Al at the meet and greet.... though of course everyone knew who I was cos of my avatar t-shirt... right :o)

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