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D20 / D30 RPG & DCC Dice Chain Sets -New D17, D19, D26 & D28

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About this project

STRETCH GOAL #1 - UNLOCKED - A true 3 sided D3 (the Apple D3) was added as a free die to many sets and one you can purchase individually in all colors as well.  


STRETCH GOAL #0 - Until the project funds (or 1st 24 hours) - Any backer who backs the project for $20 or more will receive 5% bonus dollars (rounded down) for selecting product from the dice menu.  These bonus dollars will be calculated based on your final amount pledged to the project and will show up in the pledge manage after the project ends.  So if you pledged for $100, when you go to the pledge manager you'll find you have $109 to spend ($4 from the reward level and $5 from Stretch Goal #0).


Impact! Miniatures is seeking to add to their dice of unusual size with mass production of the final 4 dice we need to complete two different dice chains (a D17, D19, D26 & D28 sided die in 9 opaque and 2 speciality colors).  These 4 dice will allow Impact! to offer D20 dice chain sets with all the dice from D3 to D20 and D30 dice chain sets with all the even dice from D4 to D30 to RPG developers and players.

Impact! has a lot of experience producing odd sided dice and the designs for these dice look great and have been tested to be as fair as possible despite having an odd number of sides. Due to assistance from Andrew at the Dice Shop Online (thank you very much Andrew!) and Joseph Goodman from Goodman Games (thank you Mr. Goodman!), we have been able to research the shapes and receive a small batch of the D17, D19, D26 & D28 to test the production designs. We are very happy with the test batch and want to get the dice into full production but really need your assistance to get the mass production run of the dice created.

DICE CHAINS  (What are they?  Why are they great?)

I have helped several game companies design rules for games.  When I was introduced to Dice Chain Mechanics for RPGs by Dungeon Crawl Classics and Freeblades I realized they created just a smoother set of rules for RPGs.  

With a standard RPG as your character progresses he/she receives +1 or more to their dice rolls but then you need special rules that a roll of a natural 1 still fails in the rules.  With Dice Chain mechanics as you character progresses the next dice in the chain is used.  So at level 2 your Barbarian rolls a D11 instead of a D10 when using an axe.  No need for special rules for failure as a 1 is still possible when they roll.   The problem was that no one made all the dice needed for a full dice chain for a D20 system or for a D30 system.   Four years ago, I started a quest to offer those two chains.   This KickStarter gives us the final 4 dice we need to complete those two dice chain sets.

New D24s and D30s

All sets in this KickStarter will contain my new D24 and D30 dice.  These two dice were redesigned to make them roll better based on customer feedback.


Below are the colors that you can choose from for all of the dice sets in the project.  9 opaque colors and 2 specialty colors. 



Below is a menu that you can use the amount you pledge plus any bonus dollars your reward level offers to pick your own custom reward.  When the pledge manager is released after the project is over, each backer will be able to select the dice sets, dice and colors that you want from the below menu.  All backers can add extra to their amount pledged to any reward level to use to shop with on the dice menu.  Stretch Goals many add on additional bonus dollars for you to use for free.  




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I'm backing this.  For one, finding DCC dice is kind of painful - at a recent local convention (Tacticon) I wasn't able to find one vendor selling DCC dice.  (Admittedly, Tacticon's Dealer's room wasn't great to begin with.)  For another, these look really cool.  I'm considering upgrading to the glow in the dark dice.

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