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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc


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This could end up costing me a lot. There are an awful lot of add ons, but they really seem to be game changers.


I love that the siege expansion comes with a separate card game to play before the battle starts to simulate the months of time during a siege, along with a pile of great looking terrain, castle walls etc. Even at 15mm trebuchets, battering rams, siege towers et al. will be usable on a 28mm tabletop since you want the representation, the scale isn't as critical.


And Ars Nova seems like a completely separate game (it's even co-operative/solo rather than versus like the main game), a mystery that just happens to use the same mechanics as the core game. A Sean Connery mini in an Umberto Eco novel come to life? Count me in. I don't know how much replayability it will have, but for $20 it's an easy add for me.


Unleash Hell and Legendary Dragon are more traditional type expansions, but they do look so good:


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Most of the units are wearing armor or chainmail so that's pretty easy and quick if you just paint that dark metalic and drybrush brighter metal. They are including shield water transfers so no need to get fustrated painting freehand emblems. The larger creatures will obviously take more time I'm not even going to think about painting that dragon with a brush, I'll be looking into a compressor for my airbrush or find some compressed air cans if I can. Same goes for the Devil and probably the Beast but I will touch up with a brush the details.


Honestly after batch painting flames of war troops I think I could rip out 48 billmen in one big batch in a couple weeks time permitting. Basing will take a bit of time though. There's a lot of heroes to take time on but at this scale, should be quick. Again lots of metal. The castle on the other hand, looks like it has deep crevasses between the bricks which would be a pain to get into, I'm hoping they fine ture the final sculpts, many people have commented on how the bricks shouldn't line up like they do but be staggered too. That'll be another airbrush job.


Bundles are up and quite a bit of savings on those.

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