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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc


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It says the retail version was stripped down and doesn't have the sculpts for terrain. My guess is the retail tiles are just the same tiles from the kickstarter but with terrain, trees, buildings, etc, added as art. So the backers should be able to still use the scenarios for retail, they just have to put the cool 3d sculpted terrain they have on the tiles as indicated. This is my guess, MG hasn't said anything about the tiles yet. It doesn't bother me at all if this is the case. Now if they had added special units to the new core retail box, units that the KS backers aren't getting, I'd be pretty upset about that.

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Oh joys!

Received the following in an email today!



We thought you'd like to know that we've processed your items, the order is shipping from China and may go through ocean transport which does add to delivery time, during which time you may not see any activity on the tracking link but rest assured that your game is on its way.

If you live in a shipping friendly region (US, EU, CA, AUS) customs and duties is covered by Mythic Games.

For other regions, duties and taxes are applicable and based on the sum of pledge amount + shipping + insurance (CIF).

Your order was shipped via Canada Post Expedited Parcel.

The following item was included in this shipment:

1 x Joan of Arc - Legendary Dragon

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Latest update says Canadian orders are on a cargo ship expect to leave port for Vancouver this weekend.

The journey should take just over 2 weeks to get here.


The problem is that the dock workers here in Vancouver are facing a lockout over labour negotiations. Lockout’s scheduled to start tomorrow.



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Received my dragon today.

It’s a very nice dragon.

It’s a very big dragon.

Technically it might be a wyvern.


Anyway, I thought I’d do some comparison pics between it and a recent big dragon from Bones 4.





In the “getting to know each other” thread there was a recent question about whether you liked to paint in a realistic or a cartoony style. 

While neither of these are painted, I think the question could also apply to the sculpting styles of these two dragons as one is clearly more realistic and the other cartoony in comparison.


The Joan of Arc dragon is preassembled except for the wings, which at first glance don’t seem to be fitting in properly.

The preassembly of the rest of the dragon is pretty well done, but a fair bit of work will still be needed to be done to hide the joins as they cut across scales.


Because of the prep work needed, I think I’ll be putting this one aside for a bit.


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5 hours ago, StarFyre said:

in toronto -- waiting for the dragon.  Im still contemplating resculpting much of the body and fore arms and turning it to a traditional dragon.



That’s pretty ambitious.

Especially considering how much work it would be to match the scales on the new legs with the rest of the body.

Good luck though.



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