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77306: Translucent Slimes and Tamiya Clears


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45 minutes ago, Clearman said:

That is really awesome.  I've heard some good things about Tamiya Clears, but have never used any myself.


I noticed the bottles say flammable.  Are these solvent based?



Yes - alcohol.  Specifically isopropanal and glycol ethers.   i don't mix them with anything else, and I have a set of brushes dedicated to them. 


ETA: That doesn't necessarily mean you can't, I don't know, and therefore, I never do. I picked the majority of them up specifically for my translucent bones - I had a bottle of red and blue from a police car model I did years ago, and when someone mentioned the clears would work on the Translucent Bones, i tried those two, and loved the effect, so picked the rest up. 

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7 hours ago, ApexGT3 said:

Those look great! What type of brush did you use?

Some generic size 3 or 4 synthetic brush I got at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. 

I literally just slopped the paint on the solid color ones.   When I go to do Kyphrixis, I will likely use a smaller brush and take more care. 

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Ok I am defiantly going to have to pick some of these up.  Thx for the info!.


Wow these are hard to find in Canada.  Found an ebay seller in Taiwan who will ship for free to Canada....but might not be here till December.....well I picked up all these colors for $20US.  If it shows up great.  It will be the best $20 bucks I have ever spent then.:lol:  If they don't well it was only 20bucks i guess.<_<


Of course this is going to end up with me probably picking up more Reaper clear bones stuff to paint....^_^

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2 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

They look cool!  I wonder how it would work through an airbrush?  I am hopefully getting an airbrush from my wife for Christmas and I am curious about how (if it all) to use these clear tamiya paints with some zenithal  highlighting.

No idea on the airbrush.  But I'm sure there is some info on using them with airbrushes out there on the web somewhere.  If you try it, show us how it works out.

1 hour ago, Shin Okada said:

It seems to be a promising experiment. Now we can make various slimes and oozes from the same model. I mean, green slime, blue slime, ocher jerry and such.

The more I play with these, the less I care about what color Reaper uses for translucent models. At this point, I just want more Bones in the clear color. 


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