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I was wondering if there ever any good cons in Colorado for miniatures or where i might find a list of cons in Colorado (ReaperCon has me all jealous)?  I am still new to the hobby so I have no experience with cons or where to find information on them.



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GenghisCon and Tacticon used to have very strong miniatures painting tracks and one of the better competitions around. Then DGA sold the cons to a new group that went a different way.


We've been trying desultorily to build a small miniatures-specific con recently, but it's going to require that somebody take the reins and drive the con into existence. (We have plans and resources possibly lined up, but nobody to really push yet.

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A couple people are trying to get miniature painting events back into Genghis. It's slow-going, though. :/


A list of conventions with gaming (and a couple without), and CoMMiESFest has painting events (I haven't been to one yet, though, so I don't know how big they are)...


NOTE: This is an incomplete list, but it's getting there...



[C] Comics

[Cos] Costuming

[VG] Video Games

[TG] Tabletop Games

[M] Modeling

[L] Literary

[F] Fantasy

[SF] Sci-Fi

[Merch] Merchandise

[A] Anime

[TV] TV, Movies



JAN, Denver, HexaCon, [TG], https://www.hexacondenver.org/

FEB, Colorado Springs, GalaxyFest, [SF][L][TG][Cos][Merch], http://www.galaxyfest.org/

FEB, Denver, Genghis Con, [TG][Merch], https://coloradogaming.net/

MAR, Denver, Colorado Anime Fest, [A], http://coanimefest.com/

MAR, Denver, WhimsyCon, [Cos], https://www.whimsycon.org/

MAR, Golden, CoMMiESFest, [M], http://www.commiesfest.com/

APR, Denver, Starfest, [SF][L][TV][Cos][Merch], http://starland.com/

JUN, Denver, Denver Comic Con, [C][A][SF][TV][L][Cos][Merch], http://denvercomiccon.com/

JUL, Denver, MALCon, [L], https://www.malcondenver.org/

AUG, Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Comic Con, [C][TV][L][Merch], http://www.cscomiccon.com/

AUG, Denver, Nan Desu Kan, [A][M][Merch], https://ndkdenver.org/events/2018-nan-desu-kan/

SEP, Denver, Tacticon, [TG][Merch], https://coloradogaming.net/

OCT, Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Comic and Toy Con, [TV][Merch], http://www.cospringscomicandtoycon.com/

OCT, Denver, Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo, [M][Merch], http://rockymountainhobby-expo.com/

OCT, Denver, MileHiCon, [L][F][TV][SF][C][TG][Merch], http://www.milehicon.org/

NOV, Denver, Daku Con, [A][C][TG][Merch], http://dakucon.org/


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Added some conventions to the list
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I have emailed the Ghengis folks again, and once again they replied immediately about checking into it, but never get back to past that.  Ghengis is dead I am pretty sure.  Against my better judgement, I pinged them again.

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My friend Nikki Ebright is starting a new gaming convention named Hexacon - https://www.hexacondenver.org/.  It's January 19th-21st in 2018.


I daresay if folks approached her with ideas about miniature-related events at the con she could be interested, assuming she can find the space for it.


She also runs Whimsycon (https://www.whimsycon.org/) and Westercon 71 / Myths and Legends con (https://www.malcondenver.org/).



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15 hours ago, skippen said:

I can also chat her up when I see her at BGG.Con in a few weeks.  Amazingly, the DGA wrote me back, and they say they want us.  I will continue the conversation, and see if they fully work with us.


As a side note, they owe us money from the last time we were there.

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