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About this project



We are looking for funding to enable us to produce this collection of fantasy miniatures. 

All the master models have been traditionally sculpted by artists from around the world.

Manufacturing of the miniatures will be done here in the UK cast by seasoned mouldmaker & caster Mike Nicholson.

We have a good team here in the UK, so pledge with confidence!

Please note the miniatures will be supplied unpainted and some will be supplied in kit form, cast in a lead based alloy metal unless stated. 




 * Please note:The design of the miniatures may under go slight changes before being moulded & cast.




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I only like the cave troll and chaos ogre.  But I hate the points system, you never really spend all your points and just seems like a rip off.  Plus I didn't see any reference to the scale.  


Plus with kids I stay away from the led based metals.


I'll pass.

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