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Fantasy MDF Tabletop Building Terrain


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About this project

Why another tabletop terrain project? 

  • To give you an entire village-in-a-box! 
  • A unique design, that gives the illusion of tiled roofs, but where you can easily balance your precious miniatures! 
  • Easy to store - can be assembled and disassembled over and over!
  • Quick to assemble - no use of glue is required! 
  • Simple to use - the MDF surface reacts well to many types of paint!  

What you get in the box 

  • 16 fantasy buildings (4 of each type, see below) 
  • Optional extra height for 8 buildings 
  • Optional extra tall "wizards tower" 
  • Assembly & painting guidelines

Type 1: The Roaring Lions 


The tallest building in the Dread Streets - at least if no one nearby dares add another store! 

Type 2: The Twin Dragons  


The wary citizens of the Dread Streets make scarecrows of their houses - but there are no crows, only neighbors with thieving fingers... 

Type 3: The Lucky Seahorses 


The shape of a seahorse is said to bring luck in the Dread Streets. Nothing else does... 

Type 4: The Firebreathers  


Considered a dire and foreboding shape - since gutter water is often sprayed from the mouths of the Firebreathers onto the onlookers!

"The Wizards Tower" 


Wizards are not to be trusted, and are required by the law of the Dread Streets to live at least two stories above ground level. 

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