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RCon Instructors: Extra Minis?


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Hey, I'm suuuuuuuper excited to see you all next week!


I have a question for my fellow teachers: If you are prepping the figures for your class, what will you do with the extras?


I have three classes; one is sold out, but the other two, last I looked, had only 4-5 people signed up. I asked the ReaperPeeps to send me the figures so that I could prep them in advance (and they just arrived here, despite the fact my town is surrounded by flames (I live in Napa, California). Yay to the first responders and the awesome postal service).


So I have 13 figures prepped for each class.


In the past, what did you folks do with the extra prepped figures? Do you usually leave them with Reaper at the end of the con?



mclimbin (Michael)

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I've had some teachers use them for demonstration purposes, paint on it and pass it around... 


A couple times the teacher just asked if anybody wanted an extra _____ to practice on. 


Last year I think one teacher had a single extra figure and it was the  reward for answering a pop quiz on technique...


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I was planning to give them to the students that want one for extra practice, since Reaper paid for them, not me. I only have 6 signed up for my class, so there's probably going to be several extras. :) 



--OneBoot :D

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