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14626 :: Herald of Blood :: Thrym WIP #4ad6c62d-9df5-435c-9275-7c6d578b4718


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YAY!  Clearance items begotten from Game Kastle and I managed to find not one but TWO of the minis from my wishlist in their clearance!!  WOOOHOOO!



This golem or construct of the gnomes from deep within the world is brilliantly painted by Martin Jones in the Reaper Catalog:


Painted by Martin Jones


And while I didn't want his work to influence mine I will be doing at least two things the same:



Glowing Runes and Eyes



Not Stone Spikes


I assembled this gentleman first with the idea of "full menacing pose" so both arms are over his head.


And amusingly, without referencing the above image, I swapped his arms.


So to start off, here he is Primed, Basecoated in Vallejo Game Color Yellow Olive and the Runes are in Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil.





On the base, is a piece of slate and green stuff to simulate cavern floor.  Two fallen or unused mine supports are behind him.


What's next ... well, I think the final colors are going to be Purple / Black Granite with a Green under-color.

The Runes will be a glowing Reaper Rach Red .


The Spikes will be converted into Crystals.  Which might entail some blunting of the ends to get a more crystalline appearance. 

These crystals will ultimately be Red/Purple or Purple/Green to fit the theme so far.


ENJOY and Stay Tuned!

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2 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

Very cool!  I wish my FLGS had a bargain bin with miniatures!  They have a 50% off bin for paints which is where I got all the Citadel paints I have (about 20 pots).


I'm looking forward to see how this comes out!


Thank you.


Game Kastle is on the other side of the U.S. from me.  They have a ton of clearance on their website. 


I posted about it in the Department of Acquisitions!  I got the Herald of Blood and more ...


The closest FLGS's from me that carry actual miniatures are in Rochester, Syracuse or Ithaca ... all of which are about equidistant from me (40-60 minutes away).  So, I also shop online a lot.

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