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Watch Tower of Prin Guls

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Deep in the Golad Mountains of Domaar, in the vale of Prin Guls between the Night Elven realm of Khimzul, and the High Elven realm of Auborlon stand the Watch Towers of Prin Guls as a first line of defense against a Night Elven attack.


This is my first serious modeling for my 3d Printer, and is designed to turn an ordinary Pringles can into an Elven themed Watch Tower. These are the first pieces in what will hopefully be another modular fortress. 




Yes, those are Anhurians manning the battlements right now, as I only had one lone elf painted and readily available.



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Looks great!

One Elf with a bow will be a menace to all invaders!


Even if they are from the Lost Valley of Chee Tohs

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Thanks All. It's been fun figuring this out. 

Got a coat of primer on it this morning, will be working on it tonight and will try to post some more WiP pictures. 

22 hours ago, Bruunwald said:

Excellent! One must always stand vigilant against attack by the armies of Dor' Rito and invasion from the Barbarians of Ruffle Ridge.


3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Looks great!

One Elf with a bow will be a menace to all invaders!


Even if they are from the Lost Valley of Chee Tohs

LOL. I decided to use Prin Guls as a clever way of saying "Wargaming Terrain Made with Pringles Can". 

When I went to post it, I thought about how Froggy always gives a little back story, and so I borrowed some names from the new D&D campaign setting my son and I are working on to give a little story. 

But now, after your input, I'm thinking that the whole area between the Night Elves and the High Elves is going to have to have snack food themed names. 


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So I primed it with a red automotive primer, then drybrushed it with several successively lighter shades of craft paint.  On to painting details, and prettying it up. 


Also started designing and printing some variant pieces.  Not happy with the roof, though. I don't think it needs to be that tall, and it takes too long to print.  In the process of redesigning it. 

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