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Demogorgon From Fractured Dimensions, My after ReaperCon project


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So everything is packed for tomorrow...

and I had nothing better to do....

So I started a new project for when I get home....



he is 14 parts of bad, and I am cleaning mold lines, and pinning stuff together...

His torso is resin, everything else is metal...

(so it aint crap...)

mold lines are small, but pinning is being interesting.....

Going to use, I think, a Secret Weapon 'Skull Field' style base....

He's about 5" tall to the top of his head......

Maybe semi assembled pics later....


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after priming, inspecting mold lines and putty work, re doing some of it, and re priming...








If you look at the back of his right head, the mane has a gap in it... If you look at the left head, the mane is smooth with no gap...

I started closing the gap, as there was a gap there from assembly, and if folks think I should close the gap...

thanks for looking....

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5 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

I know you have it pinned to corks at the moment, do you worry about the weight/center of gravity? I've no experience with a resin/metal combination figure and I'm curious about how you would handle tipping.

He will have a pretty big base...

Pretty much my first time with a humanoid combo mini...

3 hours ago, terminalmancer said:


I'd assumed he was doing the standard 15%...

Not sure what you mean. ...

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