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    • By CoolAliasHere
      I've seen this mini painted many times, often in a green or purplish color scheme.  I decided to go with something that I felt was a little more underwater like.  His skin is very muddy, and I tried to stay away from the typical greens.  I did, however, end going with some green on him, and I feel like he came out really well.  This was also my first time using Reaper Brown Liner.  I am addicted!
      There is a full WIP on my CoolAliasHere Miniatures facebook page.  As always, C&C is welcome.
      PS - still not sure what I am going to do with the base, so for now it's must painted as a bit of burned stone.

    • By Grumpy Cave Bear
      One Eldritch Demon. Based and primed, then left to languish for about two weeks, before I made up my mind to finish her* this weekend. Three hours Saturday, and seven today -- and I still have to seal it.
      This is an attempt to lighten my painting base colors -- it started as Olive Green -- and add shadow using inks and washes of flesh, purple and dark green.

      * 'Her', because somehow it took on a distinct feminine tone during painting -- perhaps the pink eyes?
    • By Erifnogard
      So with trepidation I am starting a thread to track the likely painfully slow and experimental process of mashing up the Bones Eldritch Demon with a Games Workshop Chaos Space Marine Daemon Prince.  Lots of Greenstuff will be involved.  Probably blood and tears as well.  I have the initial blush of an idea of what I want to accomplish but large sections are essentially going to be sketching with greenstuff.
      The plan is for this to end up as a Black Legion Daemon Prince that is Lovecraft Mythos meets 40K Chaos.  I picked Black Legion for this because I already have Daemon Princes finished/in progress for all the 40K Chaos Gods and their Legions so I figured this would work as an unaligned Prince which fits best with Black Legion.  And I think the paint scheme will be wicked.
      For this project we will be using:
      1) Head and wings from the Bones 77113 Eldritch Demon.
      2) The front of the 40K Chaos Marine Daemon Prince chest and it's arms.  Not the back half as you can also build a fantasy version of the daemon with this kit and the back is shared between the two models and looks better with the fantasy version.  Also, it is easier to put the Eldritch Demon wings more organically into the model this way.  Or so I tell myself.
      3) What is likely to be a ton of greenstuff since the back and the entire lower body plus any random detail I decide to add will need to be sculpted.  Let's just say the lower half involves tentacles not legs.
      Side note for mods, I had a heck of a time deciding what forum this went in between CP&T, WIP, and Sculpting.  If I picked wrong, feel free to move me. 
      Here's some pics of the upper body in the 'slap some greenstuff on it and see if we like the shape' stage.

    • By Mage Knight Kevin
      Latest Reaper painting project.


      Blog post... http://mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca/2016/04/tentacles.html
      Kevin in Edmonton
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