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Reapercon 2017 minis online?

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There were a couple listed in the October 23 releases that Ladystorm posted. Haven't heard anything definite about the other Con minis.

On 2017-10-10 at 1:10 PM, ladystorm said:
The following new release items have a release date of Monday October 23, 2017.
Reaper Special Edition Miniatures
01450  All Hallow's Eve by Bobby Jackson $11.49
01610 25th Anniversary Lysette by Werner Klocke $10.99
01613 ReaperCon 2017 Sophie $17.99
01614 Con Crud, ReaperCon Zombie $6.99
Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy Metal Miniatures
03839  Vampire Lord by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03840  Graveflesh Servant (Male) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03841  Graveflesh Servant (Female) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03842  Sethis, Mummy King by Bob Ridolfi $7.99
Officially Licensed Pathfinder Metal Miniatures
60205  Barzillai Thrune by Derek Schubert $7.99
60206  Octavio Sabinus by Derek Schubert $7.99


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11 minutes ago, Sophie was taken said:

Oh, they won’t be available til Monday? :(

I really hope they'll be available earlier, but it may have given them some logistical challenges in year past that they've decided to avoid this year.  I'll be really bummed if I miss out on a swag bag.  ::(:

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1 minute ago, Sophie was taken said:

That appears to be last year’s swag bag

Could be.

I'm new around here.

Somebody put up that as a link late last night/early this morning.

Followed it and came up with a goodie bag and no way to put it into my cart. ::(:::(:::(:


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25 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

Last year there was Con stuff available for a few days after the weekend too.  Keep calm and check the store daily.  It's like a treasure hunt!  ^_^ 


On the one hand - yay?  On the other, last year it was available the day the Con started.  Based on that model I refrained from getting a 'membership' since I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the Con, and I would still be able to get a swag bag.  Now that may not happen, unless they a) have extras & b) I happen to look in the store at the right time to snag one.  Had I known they weren't going to offer them in the store I would have signed up for the Con, and they would have mailed me one after the Con was over.  <shrug>  We'll see how it goes.

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