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Reapercon 2017 minis online?

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There were a couple listed in the October 23 releases that Ladystorm posted. Haven't heard anything definite about the other Con minis.

On 2017-10-10 at 1:10 PM, ladystorm said:
The following new release items have a release date of Monday October 23, 2017.
Reaper Special Edition Miniatures
01450  All Hallow's Eve by Bobby Jackson $11.49
01610 25th Anniversary Lysette by Werner Klocke $10.99
01613 ReaperCon 2017 Sophie $17.99
01614 Con Crud, ReaperCon Zombie $6.99
Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy Metal Miniatures
03839  Vampire Lord by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03840  Graveflesh Servant (Male) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03841  Graveflesh Servant (Female) by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03842  Sethis, Mummy King by Bob Ridolfi $7.99
Officially Licensed Pathfinder Metal Miniatures
60205  Barzillai Thrune by Derek Schubert $7.99
60206  Octavio Sabinus by Derek Schubert $7.99


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I know last year I was able to order a bunch of the Grim Squeeker figures and a Swag bag on Thursday, so I've been keeping an eye out for this years Mouseling and bag, since before the Con opened.  Hopefully that will still be an option this year.

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11 minutes ago, Sophie was taken said:

Oh, they won’t be available til Monday? :(

I really hope they'll be available earlier, but it may have given them some logistical challenges in year past that they've decided to avoid this year.  I'll be really bummed if I miss out on a swag bag.  ::(:

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7 minutes ago, Heisler said:

The swag bags definitely won't go up until after the con. Its always possible that there won't be any left.

That's been a concern too.

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1 minute ago, Sophie was taken said:

That appears to be last year’s swag bag

Could be.

I'm new around here.

Somebody put up that as a link late last night/early this morning.

Followed it and came up with a goodie bag and no way to put it into my cart. ::(:::(:::(:


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25 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

Last year there was Con stuff available for a few days after the weekend too.  Keep calm and check the store daily.  It's like a treasure hunt!  ^_^ 


On the one hand - yay?  On the other, last year it was available the day the Con started.  Based on that model I refrained from getting a 'membership' since I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the Con, and I would still be able to get a swag bag.  Now that may not happen, unless they a) have extras & b) I happen to look in the store at the right time to snag one.  Had I known they weren't going to offer them in the store I would have signed up for the Con, and they would have mailed me one after the Con was over.  <shrug>  We'll see how it goes.

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    • By HolkDiggity
      This one was for a facebook competition about color. The rules were, basically, don't worry about anything else but color. Do something different with color. I started with the idea of a dress palette of blue, teal, purple, and magenta. Once I had those colors in place, it was a matter of incorporating them in different areas of the model. I went with cotton candy roses and a galaxy print on the wings. The galaxy was a matter of stippling the dress colors (plus a bit of white) back and forth until the effect was convincing. Then I masked the body of the model and flicked a stiff brush at the wings to make star patterns. I then went back to the dress colors and stippling to blend them in a bit. This was a blast to paint, because I've never really done anything like this before.

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      As part of my goals for this year, one of them was to actually paint a Sophie - so here is my version of the 2017 ReaperCon Sophie. She was fun to paint, but was she fiddly to put together and I had to fight paint chipping all the way through. Next time I will remember to give the model a good wash before priming! You can click on the pictures for the larger versions, and one day I will invest in a tripod and get the exposure settings dialed in properly as well!
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      So to wrap up one of my 2020 goals, I figured I would start on actually *gasp* painting a Sophie! I have no less than 3 in my stash, and I figured I would start practicing some concepts from all of my learning while I was at it..
      I decided to pick the ReaperCon 2017 Sophie and since she has somewhat of an aquatic theme to her, I am going to shamelessly "borrow" some ideas from Disney...because why not...

      I did my usual priming routine but -THIS TIME- I added an additional directional light to reinforce a direction.
      Also, I have turned back to inks for some foundation work. This time incorporating Sepia, Orange, and Yellow for the wings. Glazing over the transitions established by the airbrush to set the initial values and tones.

      I followed up by using Reaper Burgundy Wine, Tanned Flesh and Fair Skin for the skin tones, including a bit of FW White Ink to lighten up the brightest highlights. I used Kimera Kolors magenta + White Ink and hit her lips. I might come back with a bit brighter color to hit the lip gloss sheen.
      I still need to work on blending the transitions between light and dark areas, and as well as obviously hit the arms and legs more.

      I also wanted to capture "Ariel's" aqua-emerald eyes. and I am REALLY happy how they came up this time. It doesn't hurt that this sculpt did a very good job of sculpting the eye area. So super-duper zoom to see the tiny eyes.

    • By aku-chan
      Presenting my first (and probably last) Sophie mini, Mermaid Sophie!
      Got stuck on her wings so she sat unfinished for a long while, and I never did manage to give her non-googly eyes, but overall I think she turned out decent.
      As always, and comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By Maledrakh
      #160 Sophie the succubus is Reapers mascot of sorts, and has appeared in many versions up through the years. In this KS she has this model as the serving wench, and the Chibi one.
      Of the other three I have no idea about the backstory, if any. Maybe they are roleplaying characters of the Reaper staff or some such?

      I went with the same red-purple skin I used on the Chibi version.  She is a demon after all.
      25mm base
      From the Sophie's friends subset:

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