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Lidless Eye Hobbies: Mushrooms with Class!

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Here's my brushwork on the long-anticipated (at least for me) Fightin' Fungi!  These guys were unreached stretch goals during the original "Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes" Kickstarter, and finally came out with the recent Halfling vs. Chaos Dwarf expansion of "Axe & Brimstone"


The Fungal Gladiator:



The Bleeding Assassin:


Goldcap, the Paladin:


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Very cool minis there! I really like how you breathed life into them! 


So are they going to be your warband or are they like wandering enemies? 



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Thanks all!


9 hours ago, VolksFest said:

Very cool minis there! I really like how you breathed life into them! 


So are they going to be your warband or are they like wandering enemies? 



Who knows?  I have enough for a warband, a Myconid encounter for D&D, and definitely more than enough for Violent Fungus spawns in Frostgrave.  Knowing how it usually goes they'll mostly be sitting on a shelf, ah well.

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    • By Fencig
      These are some mini's i had yet to see assembled and painted, and  i thought they were unique, so i picked a Trio from Ganesha games. They were also quite the PITA to assemble, Each Hyaendon ( Lion) and each rider were 6 pieces total.

          The Lions are quite nice but the riders could be better. They are really more Goblin-men than Hobgoblins, the detail on the Sowrsman's face leaves a little to be desired.

      So after pinning, gluing, and basing my little heart out (bases not supplied) they sat for a long  time.  They do not come pre-drilled, you should do this IMO if you want a solid model.
      The bigger Lion also has 2 legs up off the ground (will not stand up on it's own) so you have to pin it to a base too. I  used my favorite Reaper Ovals.

          Well i finally dragged them out and finished them. I decided that since they were so similar i would paint them as a Praetorian Guard for some Evil Goblin Emperor. I used non-standard Colors for the first-time on the Furr like blue and Orange and I think it paid off since the Riders are so colorful. I also tried to do a subtle tiger stripe motif by layering it in, and for my skill level i was happy with the blending on those.



    • By Lidless Eye
      "All fear Mumlak, Living God-Chief of the Erithereans!"

      A steal at $24.99 from Reaper for the size this guy came out at:

    • By Lidless Eye
      Latest in my collection of "Finish stuff you just had details left on" come Bufo the Frogman and Torlan the Gatorfolk from Reaper Miniatures.  I felt they needed to be painted as a pair as Mr. Wiebe said he designed them as a pair to fill in the request for Dreadmere's more unusual inhabitants.

    • By Lidless Eye
      I've been waiting to post this until I have enough, but I've just been working on random pieces of scatter terrain in between other projects.

      Any 3D printed parts are done on my Creality Ender 3.

      Trees from EC3D

      Trees from Dark Realms


      Barrel, +3 Barrel of Sundering (Warhammer props)

      Wood bundle, Alchemist's Table and Shelf from Vae Victis, I've honestly forgotten who the other designs were from.

      "The beacons are lit!  Gondor calls for aid!"

      Beacon Tower from RMPrintables

      Lounge Chair from Impact! Miniatures, awning from Warhammer, weapon pile from The Hobbit, treasure piles from Reaper Miniatures.

      Fantasy Objective Tokens by PhysUdo on Thingiverse.


      Ogre Totem from Warhammer, Town Fountain 3D print from unknown, Alchemist's Wares & Firestick Bundle from Vae Victis, Sandbags by MegaBlox, one tree/odd plant is an old Marauder Giant club and the other is from a Gandalf action figure.

    • By Lidless Eye
      I've been trying to work on my encounters for Rangers of Shadow Deep.  Here's a bunch of randomness from that work!

      Oh, Rats!

      We have: a Warhammer Quest rat, a Frostgrave Wizards II Rat Familiar, a Reaper Bones Rat Swarm, a Reaper Bones Rat Ogre, a Spawn Rat from Dark Platypus Studios, a Warhammer Skaven Giant Rat, and a Rat Mama 3D print from Crippled God Foundry.

      Oh, Bats!

      A Bat Swarm from Reaper Bones.
      An Infestation of Spiders:

      A Reaper Bones Cavern Spider, a Reaper Bones Spider Swarm, a man-faced spider that may be from Foundry, and a classic Warhammer Quest giant spider.

      Flies that are Giant:

      One of the more unusual encounters in Rangers of Shadow Deep. I picked these up from the 40k Kill Team: Rogue Trader boxed set before there were official models.
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