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Something a little bit different.

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Hey Guys,

Just thought i'd post this to ask a question a little bit left of field (Hey.. .there are no stupid questions right?) I've been thinking lately about adding a tiny camera onto the base of the miniature to try to get miniature POV. I use miniatures pretty much exclusively for Role-playing and I'm hoping that giving a miniature POV might offer a unique perspective for the player and maybe bring an urgency to combat as creatures get closer. 

Has anyone else considered anything like this? I'm a little unsure of the technology is there to make the camera small enough to attack to the  base of the miniature. i've been people attach LED's to the base so i'm hoping it'd be something along those lines. Anyone with any experience/Ideas on this?


Christopher George


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5 hours ago, ChristopherGeorge said:

Hrm.. seems to be that you need AA or AAA batteries.. that's not going to be any good. the base would be far too large & Railway Camera's seem to be mostly cylindrical in nature. i think for the anti bounce when the train moves. 

This might be case that the technology isn't here yet.


Sounds like a great idea!


If the cameras are to big/ or due to the batteries...


How about putting one or more in scenery or vehicles?

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