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WIP 50051, Max Decker, Private Eye. By Cyr


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For the deeper shadows, I am mixing khaki shadow + red brick. It gives a wee bit of purple-brown to the shadows. I still need to smooth the shadows, but they are generally placed to the darkness desired. May do a bit darker in the front though. 





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The whole case had made me wonder. She had made a good start, captured the scenery pretty well.

There were highlights, shades - smooth transitions. Everything worked out just perfectly. So - what was it I kept thinking about?
I lit my cigar, took a drag.

Something seemed odd about this. Maybe the trousers? Nah. The pattern was appropriate and its overall appearance matched the scenery.

The tie? The hat? No.

A gust of wind rushed through the street, stirring up a few old papers. Leftovers from passersby.

She had even thought about a 5 O'clock shadow. Nothing I would have chosen. Figured it to be great as it was.

But then again. Something didn't add up.

It had to be the name. Max Decker. I heard that one before, but I couldn't remember exactly where it was.

Who the hell was Max Decker? Maybe a Reapers guy. Maybe Janine knew him. She knew everyone.

I took another drag, then I went over to the diner. Promising beginning. Only question was - how would it end?



Okay - that's everything I could come up with so early in the morning. But I think it should cover everything.

By the way - I really had the same thoughts on the narrator as @Glitterwolf.


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When I entered Janine's Diner, Janine threw a gaze into my direction. "What happen'd to ya, hon?", she asked, standing behind the bar, slowly cleaning a whiskey glas.

What did she mean? I had been alright. Well - afar from that heavy drinking yesterday night. It's a habbit I cannot get rid of.

A short emphatic nod towards the big mirror in the corner followed. I never really got why she had a mirror at the Diner. On the other hand - I really never cared.

When I stood in front of it, I suddenly realized what she meant.

Having a number of coats at my place - due to job cliche reasons - I never really had thought about it, but now that the truth looked me in the eye, I finally understood the problem.

The belt. It was all about the belt. Normally, trenchcoat belts do not differ from the respective coat. I would look off.

And I couldn't even remember I changed it. Seems I really drank heavily last night.
I turned away from the mirror and went to the bar. "Not my day", I stated.

Back to business. "Do you know who Max Decker is?"

"He's a Reapers guy", she answered.

So much for getting this job done ...



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You could so make a novel out of it. "Colourful experiences" by Max Decker. How awesome. Maybe I should change my author name.


Having the same trenchcoat in my clothing collection - obviously for job cliche reasons - I figure it to be off. It breaks the smooth appearance of the coat. I my opinion it would work better using the colour of the coat and the wash it for shading. But if you are happy with it, that's alright.

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I do like how he is turning out. I debated having the belt match the coat. I went with matching the hat to have a little more color, and I like the reddish "swoosh" on the side. I also accidentally filed part of the belt when I was getting rid of a mold line, and this makes that part of the belt more distinct. Not 100% positive that I like the color of his shoes, but they're good enough. 

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