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The most recent project has been a return to working on my Nurgle forces for 40k.  I'd been finishing up some Plague Zombies I had started before 8th even hit...I'll have more of these guys in the army than the actual Poxwalkers:


They were a bit cut out, but you can see the also in progress vehicles in the background.  From some fun sales events, I have the bits for so so many Mantic Zombies sitting around, and plan on diversifying the Pox horde to represent most of the 40k forces post-life.

Distraction, however, arrived in the form of Marine reinforcement!


I love the fact that the new Marine models actually live up to their reputation of gigantic bio-engineered super-soldiers. While it is a bit sad to slowly upgrade my Chaos forces to a more focused Legion, I wound up selling off or trading my older Plague Marines who look silly compared to these new guys.  

The new models, while having less options and more strict builds, are quite impressive.

The Deathshroud basically only have head choices (and a few swap outs for the Champion), but they do stand out:


While I plan on converting most of the new character options from the Death Guard codex like the Biologus Putrifier, Foul Bloatspawn, and Ichor-Bearing Gooeycopyrightablename, I had to get the official mini for the Tallyman.  Power Abacus!


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Your 40K adventures will be a joy to follow. You have some SPLENDID looking pieces. While I think most all the Space Marines are a boring lot. Nurgle's Guys are delightfully disturbing & wonderful twisted.

The tentacle(s) sound like just the thing to hold the standard. Have FUN with it all!

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Prime time!




While they dried, some Rad Wasters were converted:





While most of the rabble also works as Mutants and Poxwalkers, I don't care for twins in the ranks and converted the leftovers for some alternate options for fantasy or feudal 40k:




The Cave Goblin King was also slapped together.  The source for his crown was unexpected!



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