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Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

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thanks for the comments.  that hideous bird is one of my fav models in the game. 


but.. I did too much and am now on a break from the bird. 

I still need to tinker with the body, but may put it off by finishing the other wing's underside.  then comes more lining highlighting etc. 

with enough enthusiasm and attention to detail it will be entered at Reapercon next year :) 


Ill base it in the branches of a tree, because it starts every battle perched, and returns to the tree if you let it (Don't) 


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Started a new game.  your all shocked I can tell. 

the settlement is the Shire, founded by Gandalf, Bilbo and Dori. 

the dwarves are a little hard to tell gender, as they all have beards here. 


Prologue and Year 1: 

diving head first at the lion works right?  Lost 1 dwarf in the first fight, both female dwarves in the second. 

out of the original 14 (I know awesome start) 

They got down to 1 female before Thorin finally had a kid.   Bellodona the hobbit (don't ask) 

and since hobbits mature quickly she was quickly followed by Samantha & Frodo, then Mary and Pippen.   


Next Hunt: Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin and Bombar.  

will see how this group plays out before moving on to the 4 hobbits. 

Gandalf has +1 str, accuracy  is climbing on understanding. 

Bilbo has +1 luck 


Christmas paint club: 




Phoenix in a wreath.  I am the only one who didn't finish their figure. 


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57 minutes ago, Pochi said:

These look fantastic! You should be proud of them! I have enjoyed watching and reading your posts.

Thanks I am, and the phoenix most of all.  still working on his base in my head. 



well ill do some more game overviews:


 the shire sessions:  Now on year 11

after Gandalf wizards have mostly been non-combat scouts. 

they control the emotions and actions of friends and foes.  and rarely attack directly. 

(cats eye ring, harp, rawhide headband,  etc) 


Gandalf was murdered 

Elrond was a cunning savior, who taught the group how to use heat to forge weapons and tools 

- killed dicing with death, Frodo was killed in the same dice game. 

Bilbo insists on long naps after a hunt (always skips next hunt) due to a disorder. 

Sauman, Arwen, Samantha and Golum died quickly, golum on a sacrifice play. 

Dwalin proved the most durable of the original dwarves, and still goes on hunts. 


Gimli, Legolas, Radegast and Borimir are going after a phoenix next.   

this settlement is closer to getting a full suit of phoenix armor than any i have played, but they missed the good  bow. 

you have to use new names but.. Gandalf had more than one name, so mithrandir  will be back in due time.  

Aaragon died early, but Strider of the Dunidain is my current best archer. 


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tales of the shire.

The phoenix fight was so close.... 

two of the characters died in the hunt.  Radegast because he was singing noisy songs, and Legolas because the bird lured them into the overwhelming darkness and Legolas was just too insane. 

That left my 2 heavy hitters - okay maybe they can take him...

Borimir died with when the Bird was down to about 5 wounds, and Gimili bravely fought on taking at least 3 severe injury rolls, and bringing the bird down to a single wound.  but then he fell for a trap, and was murdered. 


Later a man looking just like Boramir, but older returned from the darkness clutching a handful of feathers, and some iron. 

The group decided it must be Boramir's dad, so Denathor is now a valued resident of the shire. 

It was just enough to finish the phoenix armor, 


year 14. 

some ups and downs.  But it looks like Dwalin is going to be murdered.  He picked up the ability to summon a thundermaul (maybe) but the ability can only be used on long hunts.   So we will go after a L3 lion I don't remember it being that hard from the last campaign. 


Mithrandir - in full phoenix armor - cunning savior.

Dwalin with a bow, and ring 

Denathor with a cheap shield left from when he was Boromir 

Strider - who has traded in his bow for a twilight sword. ~(best magic sword in game) 


the lion ambushed the part on the second encounter of the hunt.  No chance to get the magic hammer. 

It was shaping up to be as massacre the lion quickly built  +4 accuracy, +3 speed, +4 damage 

then mithrandir made himself the permanent priority target, after a blow to a sensitive area. 

- he was just exactly as fast as the lion.  When a crit location showed up that would give the lion a 10% of wounding itself each round,  we hit it with a sharp rock. 

then we began a long game of hide and seek... or cat and mouse.  

The occasionally the lion would go 'pointy side up' and wait for us to attack it. the group was like "No, we are good"   and stand around just out of range waiting for it to bleed out a little more. 

They lost both the guy with the bow and the guy with darts (mithrandir) to counterattacks, but Strider finished it off with the twilight sword. 


With Dwalin already dead Faramir (the craziest) murdered Bilbo instead (the oldest) 

.. even when you win stuff still goes wrong.  

Treebeard and Galadrial are on deck, they started out strong even before their first hunt. 


Anyway Mithrandir got a figure - I needed a second character wearing phoenix armor. The blue lantern marks him as a blue (cunning) savior.  He is in no way finished. 

this brings me up to 2 of each armor set, assembled if not painted. 



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17 hours ago, Talae said:

Any opinion on whether or not it is worth is to magnetize for the armor kits?


Some people have, but the consensus is that it is not worth it due to small connectors. 


One person mentioned that they had magnetized 4 figures, and that was working well. 

I don't magnetize anything, so I was not about to start on a project that others considered difficult. 

but I tried to put the Phoenix wings/Base as removable pegs.  Nope.  needed more glue. 



Edit: just found this on my FB kingdom death group. 


Fully magnetised leather armour set. This was my first time magnetising and I must say I would rather draw hack city infinitely   the large axe thingy is too top heavy and flops everywhere.


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Played a third game with my RPG group today.  I wrote down the first two but misplaced them. 

we tried a 5 player varient where the monsters got +2 life but not the damage bonus.


the first 2 fights with lions went okay but the third fight was with a antelope and crushed the groups moral

1 character died in the hunt, and a second was killed in the first round of the showdown.  with 1 death one person takes over as full time monster controller but the second person to die it makes a long fight to sit out.  That player was talked into one final session to face the butcher. 



It went downhill slowly - the 5 man group spreads armor and weapons a little thin, but we had 2 in full rawhide, a bowman and my character to had bandages and darts.   One player did 3 wounds, and then was killed. in the mean time the rest of us had managed one wound. 

I traded him my guy with darts and bandages.  - he then took a severe wound that destroyed his chance of having children, and also inflicted a disorder.  He got immortality.   also know as "you think your immortal"  he was. 

Each time he took damage, it is converted to brain damage.

When fighting the butcher, each time you  take 3 brain damage the survivor frenzies and gains 1d5 insanity.  +1 attack dice, +1 str.  The insanity acts like armor against further brain damage. 

When he was knocked down other people would take hits, or responses - and the Butcher kept biting peoples heads off. 

The second to last man standing had  lost 1 arm and the other was compacted, and had suffered a spinal injury and his lantern had been eaten.  He was urged to go hide, but he had lost the will to live and kept charging - frenzied 3 times, he was still not able to make a dent.

the butcher put him down too. 


the immortal survivor did it all.  He would occasionally duck behind a tree to bandage his bleeding wounds, and the butcher would just glare at him.  ie 2 brain damage in a turn, which was usually another frenzy....
By his 9th frenzy he quit using darts, or attacking from behind In hopes of not hitting the trap. 

is last attack was 13 attack dice, to take the butchers last 3 wounds.


this game is funny and terrible. 

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Reaching the end of the Shire. 


Denathor died doing something stupid, but not before having twins, Day Captain of Gondor, Night Captain of Gondor 


I sent my best people to fight a Nemisis, and after the tank (denathor) got killed, and the kingstep fighter (lucky roll early in fight) couldn't use fighting styles, the survivors fled.  Strider made it home unscathed. 


Lovella (sackville) Baggins took up Bilbo's weapons and armor and had did well before becoming afraid of the dark and refusing to hunt anymore. 

Galadrial got phased out for more active heroes. 


Year 22 of the Shire: 

Facing the watcher - man I play this game alot. I have decided not to play past the watcher this time around, 

so pulled out all the stops. - 

Bard - a strong savior with a bow 

Strider - with only 4 ranks in twlight sword - which is just when it starts getting useful.  He had some bad luck with failed hunts and getting stabbed in the chest by his Sensi, I would have prefred  6-7 ranks. 

Night Captain of Gondor, with a great shield. 

The Master (of Laketown) rolled his way into a perfect axeman, something I had not tried before. 

- timeless eye and +1 attack speed.  with a counterweight axe. 

Galadrial was waiting in the wings - she was carrying the fortelling ring, and carrying 2 founding stones, and healing herbs 


the plan was bard would get killed after using his amazing arrow, and then someone would summon galadrial as a back up,  she would throw founding stones and decksurf the villain. 



it didn't last that long, bard did get killed by a trap on his first attack.  The captain did nothing useful, Strider and the Master did the hard litfing. 

watcher fight B.jpg

wathcerfight C.jpg

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the next campaign has begun.  My first using survival of the fittest - it depends less on sheer numbers and more on stronger survivors.  It grants +1 to str, evasion and a once/life reroll for each person, but makes having children harder, and saviors practically impossible. 

Disneyland / Disney World 



Disneyland was was doing quite well but I thought I could do better.  It was full of princesses, dwarves and of course Prince Charming.  The most important detail was that Prince Charming obtained a twilight sword, but only after beating Snow White in a roll off.  She would have actually been better with the weapon, but wasn't ready to use her 1/lifetime reroll to win it.  The arrogant prince was considering it if he lost. 
It only took 2 re-rolls to get the hunting party lost in the mist, and they named the next town Disneyworld

Prince Charming, Anna, Elsa, and Ariel soon became the rulers of a variety of people named after ducks, dogs and mice.  With good armor and weapons the first few hunts were cakewalks. 

 Year 3: the plague came.  resulting in the firsts deaths of the new town.  If just animals had died they might have tried  Cannibalizeum but a princess died at the same time, so they did Graves.   (cannibalize makes the game less fun, from the one time I tried it) 


a Princess lead Goofy, Micky, Donald in a desperate attempt to find the cure, by fighting a level 2 lion.  - success!   they felt safe enough to try for children a  Rapunzel & Huey were born.  The survivors named for animals and the princesses will try and keep segregated gene pools as long as they can. 



With this theme I guess it was time to paint up the intimacy female, although  I considered selling her instead. 

I abandoned the freehand on the front of the skirt, partially cause it sucked and partially because I was not sure where the bottom edge of the dress was.   Still in progress. 


Can you guess the name? 



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