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Another quickie for practice, comments and criticism welcome:



I wanted to try painting white cloth, specifically on the ruffles. Circumstances dictated that this become grayish ruffles, as often happens, so her shirt became gray as well (on purpose). It pairs well with the blue at least. The highlights in her dress turned out fantastic! And then were accidentally wrecked due to a mixup of blues. I salvaged what I could. 


Never really tried black hair with highlights before, not sure it came out right. The only black I have is Black Ink, and used some Breonne Blue to highlight. Didn’t spend a lot of time on it though.


Still can’t do eyes right, but I like the way her lips and jewelry turned out. It’s not really visible in these shots, but I managed to dot her necklace quite well (for me). Never came up with anything interesting for the shoe, however. Base is Ginger Cookie (and probably not quite dry).


I like this sculpt, but there are mold lines something fierce. I got many, but am far too chicken to attempt more. A dollar store craft knife is woefully inadequate to the task.

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nice work! I like the blue/grey combo.


For black hair, a very dark blue mixed with a very dark brown works nicely as a basecoat (I have used blue and brown liner, and Blackened Brown and Corporeal Shadow to good effect). To highlight, just add some Ghost or Leather white into the mix, eventually coming to just white at the top. Yours, with the dark blue highlights, looks nice!

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2 hours ago, stormbreach said:

I like the white ruffles.  The guy who got me into mini painting once told me never to paint anything white so I've been too chicken to try.  Nice job on yours, maybe it's time for me to start experimenting!  She turned out really well, congratulations!

You should definitely go for it! Even though it didn’t come out exactly how I’d imagined, it was a good learning experience. Plus, it looks really spiffy when done well.

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Yup, after seeing these paint jobs, I feel this Mini would make a great Elena of Avalor:) I am trying to come up with a whole cast set (because my kids love this show), I have an old Ral Partha that covers Matteo. Now I just need one for the captain of the guard and the girlfiend whose on the council.

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