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This one was about doing some more experimenting, such as:

  • Painting eyes before skin (I think I'll keep doing this)
  • Painting the base for the eyes with a color instead of just black (I went with purple, and the fact that I feel compelled to say that probably shows how ineffective it was at looking like some colored eyeliner instead of a black outline)
  • Painting the base early (I don't think I'll keep doing this, unless it's for a specific reason with certain minis)
  • Trying to create a fair skin tone with warm undertones (I liked what I was able to do for this)
  • Trying to do blonde hair (turned out a little darker than ideal, and it needed more highlights, but at least it was reasonably blonde-ish)
  • Trying to combine washing with layering highlights on the same part (I think my biggest mistake here was not doing some layering on the shaded zones, since I relied too much on base coat+wash to fill in that side of the gradient)
  • More blacklining (really liking the effect this has, though I need to work on the neatness and thickness of the lines)




More pictures and thoughts as I worked on it at my blog: link


Overall, I like the results, but I'm really annoyed at how stark the transition between the shades and highlights on the skirt turned out.  Looking back, I'm not sure why I didn't do some glazing on it, because I could tell that it was too much even while painting the rest of the mini.  I guess I'm still new enough to the hobby that I'm going to have stupid oversights like that.  Anyway, C&C welcome ::):

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You're swiftly improving! I think you are en route to awesomeness ::): You asked for C&C, so I shall give some. You may ask me to scale that back any time. You may ask for more. And you may always red-pen the heck out of any of my WIP or Show-Off pieces in return. 


From what I can see, the skirt has reasonably deep folds. You could even go *more* contrast, but you'll be working hard on the blending/layering/glazing/washing. I do combos, depending on mood and mini. Often I start shading with a wash for deep cranny stuff, or preliminary layering. Then I glaze it to smooth contrasts. 


The skin could use some more shadowing. It is tough on fair skin I think; any color that is close to white or black is tricky, as your range is more limited (sortof). The undersides of her arms aren't really seeing the sun so that can get more, and she has some muscle definition to pull out. 


For a first time with doing eyes first and skin around, you did great. Honestly, I think much better than I did on my first time (can dig up the pictures if you want). Mine looks alright but boy does she have thick eyeliner. By getting eyes down, you really get a feel for the character. As you get more comfortable with it you can add other techniques too (as with any other part of our quirky hobby). 


Overall, really good work! I look forward to seeing more of your figures ::D:

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By all means, I welcome criticism as a learning tool, so feel free to say anything that might be helpful.  I'm sure that I'll improve over time with my own self-evaluation and experimenting, but getting feedback from people with different perspectives and approaches is always valuable.  Even if I disagree with a specific comment, it encourages thinking about why I disagree and whether that's a meaningful choice, so it's still useful.


Getting better at judging how much of an area to cover with each level of shading/highlighting is definitely something that I hope to improve on with time, along with judging how many different levels of shade/highlight can fit in a given space.  I'm planning on working on one of my 25th anniversary Lysette models next, which also has a fairly creased and flared skirt, so I'll try using this mini as a benchmark to help with pushing the contrasts further on that one.  And I'll try not to forget about doing some glazing to smooth things over :lol:


Good call on the skin needing more shading.  I think I got caught up in keeping it too fair.


I was really nervous while doing the skin around the eyes, spending about half an hour creeping closer and closer while still trying to keep the border.  Very happy with what I managed to do in the end, even if the combination of dark purple eyeliner and dark red lips around a black mouth with that skin tone makes her look more goth than I'd intended :lol:.  Probably should've gone with a brighter red for the lips, and I definitely should've made them a little thicker, since their color seems to get lost in the sudden jump between the black and the skin colors.


Thanks for the detailed comments ::):

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Oh yes, it is nerve wracking getting up to the line. But it is so much easier to go up *to* a line than stay *in* the lines! It gets easier each time. The eyes turned out very well and you are all set up to improve super swiftly, on all your skills ::D:

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