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02969: Hedgehog

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 That guy is ridiculously small, lol - when I painted him up for Daughter Dilvish for helping me organize my familiars, I honestly thought it was a frog until I looked at it under magnification...



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    • By Marauder
      I have not posted here before and I am still learning how to paint minis. 
      My son asked for this scene and I wanted to post it for feedback for the next one. He outlined the color schemes for each familiar. He wanted the dragon to be black which on something so small causes it to lose all the details. I tried highlighting in blue tinted black to give it a difference and added some silver to try and give is shine. It didn't work very well, though. Also, the camera seems to make it look much chunkier then how it looks to the eye.
      The base is the top of a jewel case that dice are sold in which let me set the fox base down below the top level of the base (I couldn't see any way to take the fox off the built-in base and then still have a way to attach it to the base since the contact points are so small). The tree is a Woodland Scenics tree and the rock is a plaster cast. The other materials are Woodland Scenics and Citadel basing materials on top of Citadel green stuff that I used to make the ground.
      Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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      This little guy is going to a friend. The example on the Dark Sword website has his hat as a weird helmet and the dagger as metal. I saw the hat as a silly hat, and the dagger as a pair of porcupine quills. 
      I attempted to get the fur/prickles roughly accurate for a hedgehog, which means that the back has really severe shading - the base is dark on their prickles, but with pale tips. I also freehanded a little slogan on the hat strap. 
      Oh! And his knapsack strap only extends across his front. No cloak for it to be under in the back.... and there was no strap. So I attempted to green-stuff a back strap for his bags so that it made sense. 
      He was fun and cute. 

    • By James-
      Take it easy on me, this is just my seventh mini to paint with three of them being a set of identical orcs. First time trying green stuff any tips for improvements or things you think I did well would be much appreciated. Trying to figure out what worked and what didn't.
      This is Archon the Aasimar Warlock and his familiar (which has yet to be named). He was taken as a youth by a fiend for his celestial blood. On the brink of corruption he was rescued by a paladin of the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen then took over his pact and he now serves her hunting those who would defy the natural process of death.

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