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Reaper HD paints getting new labels

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While shopping at Reaper's booth during ReaperCon, my friend and I noticed that a tiny fraction of the HD paints had a white label. Ladystorm mentioned that they were transitioning from a yellow label to a white label and that the caps may also will be switching to grey. The reason was that the yellow ink on the label was just a few microns too thick for the label machine causing unnecessary jams. So just wanted to give people a heads up that they will soon start seeing new labels on the HD paints.

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4 hours ago, ladystorm said:

To visually differentiate between the three lines. 

Now all three lines have white labels and each line has a different cap.

Core = white

HD = grey

Bones = black

Will you offer caps of the various colors in the online store so that we can get current paints capped accurately?  I know now you offer the white.  But what about the black and grey?

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1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

Maybe another colour cap for the Liners, assorted additives, primers and varnishes?





This would be wonderfully helpful. Add the Clear and the Washes to the list on that. 

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Of course, we could just wrap tape around the caps, but that wouldn't look so good. 

Heat-shrink tubing can also be used, if you find the right diameters in the right colours...

(but there's a danger of damaging the cap with the heat. Luckily, a certain company sells replacement caps.)


What's the diameter of the caps again?

*Trundles off to the Bay of Evil.*

(Thinking Yellow = Special Edition paint = I hurt you if you touch this without asking, and Red = Discontinued = no one will ever find the body)



I think heat-shrink tubing for 18650 Li-Ion cells(18.6mm diameter) should be just about the right size.  

You get a 2M piece of that for $1 on eBay, and that should get you about 100 pieces to colour the caps. 



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