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Vanguard Scout and Crabby

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Hi folks,

A couple more here, done with washes and glazes. These were given a zenith prime with black all over before white from above. What we have here are two new models for DeepWars, the Vanguard Scout and the Ethereal Thotag Crab.

The Vanguard Scout armor was first given a base wash of Burnt Sienna ink while the weapon, respirator and scale armor were done in bright gold. Skin, tentacles and the crystal warheads were painted with Cerulean blue ink. The cloth on the back was given a light wash of Ivy Green paint.




For the crab, the carapace was washed with a mixture of Turquoise ink and white paint on the top and golden yellow and white paint on the underside, having them overlap a bit a the middle and on the face. The Chelae were painted with the Turquoise/white mix with a bit of Phthalo blue ink mixed in.




Next, the scout was washed with 50% Phthalo blue ink mixed with a bit of black paint and 50% Liquitex matte medium. This glopped on and got into all of the cracks and tinted the shade down a lot, though leaving an orange hue to the armor. The metal parts were washed with 50% Burnt Umber / 50% matte medium while the cloth was washed with a mix of 50% medium and 50% Dioxazine purple ink mixed with a a bit of Sap Green ink. when it was all dry, the armor plates were glazed with Burnt Sienna ink and the edges of the armor plates and barnacles were then painted with an golden white (Americana brand Buttermilk). The biofouling growth on the armor was given a light glaze of Sap Green ink after highlighting with golden white. After the armor was highlighted. The metal parts were highlighted with bright gold and silver, with some gems done with Phthalo green + a bit of yellow, given the classic "gem" treatment with shadows and hotspot highlights. The skin on the feet was highlighted with thinned white mixed with Cerulean blue, adding a few lines for texture.


The crystal warheads were washed with Turquoise ink first to shade them, then highlighted with white and shaded a bit on some of the facets with thinned black. The cloth was highlighted with Ivy Green paint mixed with golden white, adding a bit of crosshatch texture here and there with very thin lines. Tentacles peek out from under the armor here and there and they were shaded with 50/50 Phthalo blue ink + medium, with the tips glazed with magenta ink. Highlights were applied with thinned white paint by making small lines across the tentacles and a single line along the bottom on each side.


The base was first washed with Burnt Sienna paint (Golden Fluid acrylics), a shade less saturated than the ink. Then, the rock parts were washed with Phthalo blue ink + matte medium (50/50) while the vegetation god Sap Green ink, the sponges Magenta ink, some little mussels with Dioxazene purple ink and the shelf coral 100% Burnt Sienna ink. This was all done fairly wet so some colors blended into each other. Highlights were applied when everything dried, using golden white and then white for some hotspots. Fine lines and small dots in thinned white were added all over the rocks for texture.






For the crab, Washes of Turquoise ink + Phthalo blue ink + matte medium (40/10/50) were applied on the top of the carapace while the bottom got some light washes of the same mixture but with 90% medium and about 10% ink. The Chelae were washed with some additional blue ink. Highlights were applied using golden white with some pure white paint on hotspots. The eyes were the main feature and are just classic gem style using red paint with dark red shadows, orange highlights and a white hotspot highlight. The base was meant to be a shadowy sand bar, so it was painted all over first with golden white then allowed to dry fully. When dry, it was washed with Phthalo blue ink + matte medium (20/80) and allowed to dry. Then fine edge highlights were painted along the rand ridges with thinned white.






Here is a combo shot with them both so you can see the size difference.





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Oh, but those are SPLENDID! Your brushwork & vivid colors are STUNNING; the bases are WONDERFULLY  detailed creations that are little works of art in their own right. BEAUTIFULLY WELL DONE!

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