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CAV forum Secret Santa...?


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10 hours ago, jsalyers said:


It looks like a Snickerdoodle waiting on the cinnamon. I want to eat it! :P




10 hours ago, Jeneki said:

Yes that looks strangely appetizing.  And this is why we don't get miniatures made out of lead anymore.


22 minutes ago, CAVBOSS said:

I thought it looked like a peanut butter cookie! ')

OK, new plan: forget the CAV, bake cookies and send! ::P:

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'll send the pairings out late tonight so check your Reaper Forums inbox.


Don't forget a WIP photo is due by 12/1/2017 but feel free to post all of your baking goods errr... work so that we can all talk about the goodness that is CAV!





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Check your inboxes - I have sent out all of the pairings.


Feel free to message me if you have any questions.


If something happens and you need more time or can't complete the SS please message me asap. I understand completely that 'stuff' happens we're here to help and have a good time.


Now painters... start your engines! :)



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