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CAV forum Secret Santa...?


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1 hour ago, Jeneki said:

To be clear, we should post a pic here?  It seems like that would ruin the surprise, but if that's how we do it here I'll take a pic tonight.


Its up to you. Since my exchange had very generic requests, i felt wip photos weren't spoilers. If they had asked for something specific, I'd probably keep it a suprise. 

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Here is my progress pick so far.  I swore I had a dark liner somewhere, but apparently I don't, so it's been interesting lining these shadows by hand.  Still a lot to do, with highlighting and edging incomplete, no third color on yet (stay tuned), and obviously jewling and detailing.  Considering OSL but not sold yet; will depend on how much time I have.




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1 hour ago, Savage Coyote said:

Aaaaaannnnndddd, this one is done and in the books!  it'll be mailed out on Wednesday to it's new owner!


I aspire to paint one as aesthetically pleasing as what you’ve got there. It’s gorgeous!


I also aspire to not compare it to the one I have in work on my desk. Happily, I’m able to do that so far.

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