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ReaperCon 2005


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As much as we all obviously enjoyed ourselves at ReaperCon 2004 and maybe think that it would be hard to improve upon, I was wondering if anyone had ideas to help out our Reaper friends in planning for ReaperCon 2005?


The only thing that immediately comes to mind is the name badges, after squinting and trying to read everyones badges I realized that I should have brought my glasses! ::D:


May I suggest that the names on the tags be a bit larger and include not only the forum handle but the person's real name as well?


Anything else??

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Keep in mind that I thought the convention was AWESOME, and even if they didn't change 1 single thing, I would come back without hesitation. The following is only meant in the spirit of honest suggestions to make it... more... awesomer?


The badges they used would be fine at a "normal" convention, but since this convention was largly "forum friends", a HUGE name is needed.


Another suggestion:

If possible, in the store, allow Master Classes to be purchased by time slot. I wanted to play some D&D, but my schedule was:

2 hours free, 2 hours Master Class, 2 hours free, 2 hours Master Class, 2 hours Free. I would love to be able to schedule the time more efficiently.


Then my schedule could be:

2 hours Master Class with Anne, 2 hours Master Class with Anne, 2 hours Master Class with Anne, 4 hours D&D :lol:


Also, the more tables at the paint & take the better. Sometimes there was plenty of room, especially after they added 2 more tables, but most of Saturday they were always full.

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I thoroughly enjoyed it as it was, but since you're asking, here are a few suggestions:



1. Shorter blocks for sculpting, like say 2 hours in stead of 4.

2. Use beginner dolleys (instead of advanced)

3. Do more structured classes like Face and hair; cloth and fur; scales and armor; etc.



1. Make sure content and audience of the classes are clear. It may be worthwhile to label a few beginner classes, but have mostly intermediate/advanced.



Unfortunately I only got time for 1 WL game and that was it for me for gaming. I guess I too would have liked more time.


Also I didn't even get to meet everyone, but I guess that's primarily my fault for not getting in early enough for the mixer on Friday.

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What everyone said about the badges


What Gus said about scheduling and to add to the schedule thing (and maybe I missed it on the schedule that was handed out) the times the store would be open, I was sad when I went to make some last minute purchases at 1:00 on Sunday and the store was closed ::(:


What Mengu said.


and to add...

sessions on Conversion and maybe basing?


sorry I missed the TOON game Kit -_-


debby ::D: *who really had a blast, that's why Kevin thinks I smile all the time*

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The "Georgia Group" talked about this at some length on the way back. We LOVED the convention as-is....but,


Possibles would include:


Run the paint-n-take even after classes stop---maybe have an exclusive p&t on Friday after the mixer...maybe even some open RP. Some of us continued painting until 2:00 and 2:30 in the morning.


Food availability the night of the mixer...whether we fend for ourselves and just order pizza or whatever. But just have it delivered to Reaper HQ.


Have an "around the room" for the participants, not just the Reaper folks, where we all introduce ourselves with "real name/board name"/interest" sort of thing. That way, we put a face to the name, and it takes away the pressure of walkin' up and meeting people. Although, I don't have a problem gettin' in someone's face and saying, "HI I'M KEVIN!"...some folks aren't so bold.


Anyway..something to think about.

Kev C.

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Yeah the nametags thing. I sure hated staring at people's chest!

I'm supposed to believe that? :;):



Friday felt directionless honestly. (Though that could have been lack of sleep talking. ) It would have been great to be able to spend the evenings at Reaper instead of needing to head off to get food and then needing to arrange which room we were ending up at once we wandered back to the hotel just to spend more time painting. The light in the hotel wasnt as good and it was rather packed in the room.

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Yeah the nametags thing. I sure hated staring at people's chest!

I'm supposed to believe that? :;):

Well, speaking for myself (and probably a few others), members like you, Skya, did make the whole staring at people's chests a whole lot easier to bear. :lol: Well, you and Kevin. Was he some kind of chiseled monkey or what? ::D:


That said... What to do better...


1.) It needs to be longer. That's it in a nutshell. I hardly had sufficient time to say "hello" to all the really wonderful people I met this trip, never mind spend quality time with them. I'm lamenting how short the weekend was. I know I missed out on so much. And though the few moments I spent with all of you were precious, I'm not at all sated. The weekend was fleeting and I miss you all already.


2.) We're in need of a painting contest! I mean -- how fun would that have been. Both a traditional paint-before-you-come contest and a speed painting contest. I'm game for organizing the former next time around. If you all holler at me, I'll start up a thread for discussion of rules, categories, etc.


3.) It needs to be longer. Did I say that already?


4.) Painting classes need to be organized by level of ablility. I know in some cases I was needing more than was offered and in others know that some folks just couldn't relate to the topics discussed. This is easily solved next time so that everyone takes something away from the actual class beyond good feelings, inspiration, and amazement... not that those are all bad things... :poke:


5.) It needs to be longer... Dang. Said that.


6.) More organization in the grip and grin... err... meet and greet... would have been sweet. Next time, a ring leader should take the opportunity to make folks say hello to the crowd... "Hello. I'm Darin. You may know me as Whizard. I have a painting problem..." "HELLO WHIZARD!" :lol:


7.) Longer... Ok. I'll quit now.


8.) Ok... I lied.... Needs to be longer. ::D:

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I remembered one other I thought of while there and along the lines that someone already mentioned.


I would have liked to have a class on preparing a miniature for painting. I know this is covered in books and such but to see the different techniques used to file, how much primer to use and how would have been cool. This may be a beginner type thing but I know I would have signed up for that...

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The time of the next ReaperCon is up in the air, but among the things we'll be doing a little differently, in no particular order:


Badges will be a little changed up. The Real Name / Handle thing will be high on that list. How about stickers with "Hallo, mein name ist..." Then you can write in Dieter, Hans, or Sonja... something like that. :;):


Classes will have scheduled times for registration.


Beginning sculpting/conversion classes.


Thinking about a terrain class.


Beginner / Advanced techniques offered for painters.


Food at the opening party.


Definitely a photography class. Heaven knows demand was there for one, right?


I think there will be a painting contest. I believe we already have prizes picked out.


Probably missing things. Sure I am. Still working out details.



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Definitely a photography class. Heaven knows demand was there for one, right?

Oh man I knew I was leaving something out! The 5 minutes you shared with us on lighting was awesome!


Thanks Kit!

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WOOT! 2005! Yea Kit! I was worried that Reapercon might have been a "

once in a while" type of thing. Annual would be uber schaweet! And it gives me a whole year to start saving! (Or maybe lotto ticket buying would be easier....)


EDIT: Oh, btw, a terrain class would be uber kewl! I'd also be interested in learning about the "business" of casting. How much start up cost, required equipment, etc. Maybe a shorty info session or two??

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