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Savonarola - Fire Mage


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Awesome!!!  The fire looks fantastic!  Bravo on your first try with wet blending!  I have tried it a bit but I think I might live in too arid of a region to really get a good wet blend but I am going to work with it some more.  I hope it turns out as nice as yours!



12 hours ago, InvisibleThumb said:

Awesome colors!  And nice blending too. This is not exactly a critique, but I think it would be pretty cool (hot) if some of the static grass was seared/blackened.  The fire looks so good I think I want to see it spread!


I could agree with this as well but I feel like a true fire mage could control not only where fire goes but also control it to burn only what they choose.  Otherwise (especially with this sculpt) the robe would need to be scorched as well.  Just a thought.

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