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NMM with Reaper Paints

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I enjoy the Gold NMM colors.  Much better than the Green Ochre and Golden Blond that I was using previously.


For Steel/Silver, I use the Grey triad 9088-9090, with Grey liner and white.  If I want a bluish steel, I use the dark blue triad 9019-9021 with blue liner and white.

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I like the new gold triad, you can see what I did with them here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76774-massive-darkness-agents/



As with most triads, it's generally better if you add another lighter value on top and darker value under. But for a quick tabletop job, it's perfect.


For steel, I generally just use any grey or desaturated blue with black and white. 


NMM is more about the contrast and placement of light and shadow than the colors used.

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I played around with them a few weeks ago on Diva The Blessed, one of the 25th Anniversary minis. They're easy to work with– I really liked the triad and I added Brown Liner to the NMM Gold Shadow for the darkest shadow color (see below).

As far as steel NMM, I use Blue Liner + an out-of-production blue paint that I became emotionally attached to + Pure White. I also took Michael Proctor's "Shaded Metallics" class a few years back which helped a lot– I'll often use TMM on silver things with different colored glazes, which shouldn't be discounted when you want to save yourself some time and still have a nice-looking mini. 


Hope that helps!

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 5.02.38 PM.png

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The Twilight Blue triad (Midnight, Twilight, Snow Shadow I think) are nice for steel NMM. Straight if you want a very blue steel, or mixed in or glazed over neutral grays if you want more of a faint touch of blue look.

For warm gold I often use Chestnut Gold shaded with Chestnut Brown and a touch of Blackened Brown, and highlighted with Palomino Gold and Buckskin.

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