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About this project

Welcome Dwarves and Elves, Gouls and Ghasts, Witches and Wizards, Hackers and Cyborgs, Players and Game Masters.
Welcome to the Realmware Kickstarter for Tabletop Tools!

We hope you found yourself here safely and without hassle as we talk about how we can help make your tabletop roleplaying experience as immersive and enjoyable as possible.
What we are offering today are two approaches to our goal in trying to achieve the optimum roleplaying experience, both of which were born from our own experiences as avid players and game masters ourselves.

The first is with our Software, creating a one place, easy to use, few clicks as possible, modular design for all of your Game Masters needs in running the smoothest session possible.
The second is with our Hardware, platforms put together and hand crafted by the Realmware team in Australia to fulfill yours needs at the table and to provide a new experience as tabletop gamers.

All products in both the Software and Hardware were created by our small team of passionate players for ourselves at first and then we thought to extend it to the community. It is with this Kickstarter that we hope to expand our hopes, goals and passion to the rest of you.


Masters Toolkit

Masters Toolkit Masters Toolkit

Our one stop shop for the use of virtual supplements to your adventure! The Masters Toolkit is our primary platform for launching all Software in the future and is split into five major sections, or modules, that all work together to make your tabletop experience not only immersive but reliably unbroken by tinkering with our system mid game if need be.


Cartographer Cartographer

The First of our modules, the Cartographer is our battle-map creator and builder for those sticky situations that your players will inevitably get themselves into. It is set up with a pre-existing grid for quick snapping tiles and contains a free hand palette tool for complete artistic freedom. Standout features of the Cartographer:

  • All tiles and objects are digitally painted by one of our lovely artists on the team, Edina. 
  • All tiles are capable of snapping to the grid for easy placement or manual for creative freedom Map size is only dictated by device performance with minimal use of resources to accommodate for bare bone systems.
  • Free hand palette tool if your inner artist takes you Maps are printable to A4 sheets or can be exported to image files or PDF 
  • Developed with a lighting and hue engine with realistic shadows 
  • Weather effects and cloud shadows 
  • Animated elements such as fire and running water 

    Most of you will have noticed that a lot of these features are not static and are constantly changing making it unsuitable for printed out sheets. The more dynamic features are present for the use of the program on some of our Hardware, most specifically our Atlas Digital where the focus is to be using the Cartographer during game play, for more information on the Hardware scroll down.


Soundscape Soundscape

Our second module for the Software, our Soundscape is where we place all of the immersion building, sound based functions of the Masters Toolkit. This includes music, ambient sounds and special effects all geared and made to function with as little effort as possible for the user. 
Standout  features of the Soundscape:

  • All completely original works by Dante' and guest artists 
  • All songs can be customised by independently controlling the volume of each instrument 
  • Ambient sounds and tones to generate atmosphere 
  • Programmable ambiance to keep it varied enough to not get in the way of gameplay 
  • Special Effects sounds for when you really want to hit something with a sword 
  • All music, ambiance and special effect sounds are designed and placed within environmental, location and mood categories for ease of access 
  • Soundscape can be easily accessed from any part of the Software for quick changes whilst in play 
  • Custom playlists can be made to create your own categories, unique to your story 
  • Sounds can be linked to objects in the Cartographer.

Friends and Foes 
The third module of the Master's Toolkit is an appendix of go to monsters and NPC's for your adventure. 
Standout features of Friends and Foes:

  • Content specific to roleplaying systems 
  • Randomly generated NPC's can be saved here all entries can be edited if needed

The Antiquity 
The fourth Module is similar to Friends and Foes but it's entirely for created items and notes associated to them. 
Standout features for the Vault

  • items created can be saved here 
  • all entries can be edited if need be
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