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Thanksgiving Paint Binge Challenge 2017


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Yes, priming and/or washing with liner count as prep.  So does assembly and greenstuff. Anything that needs to be dry before you add paint. 


[looks at available figures on the desk]

I'm thinking I may need to break open a few blisters this evening in order to have enough to last the weekend. 



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On 10/27/2017 at 7:53 PM, Clearman said:

I'm in.  It will help me get my exchange mini done and meet my RP Challenge goals. 


I'm not going to be able to participate as much as I originally planned.  I just learned we will be Black Friday shopping, and I am also flying to Las Vegas on Sunday.  So other that a few hours here and there, my weekend is not going to be as hobby filled as I would have liked.

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Looking at my tday schedule; I work tonight but only till 6 tomorrow morning. Come home, hopefully crash till about 10 or 11, then it's out for a early dinner with my parents at 1. Probably hour & half to 2 hours there. I'm hoping to get some painting in tomorrow but all points are saying probably not. Heck I've still gotta pull everything back out after I put things away before I left for RCon last month. I needed the space for some other related things for the Con. We shall see!!


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I'm awake and the desk is almost clear, but there's also rolls that need to be rising for this afternoon's dinner...I'm doing one of those things you're not supposed to, trying a new recipe when you need it rather than testing in advance.


Brush task one, butter on the rolls and hope they rise properly...






Didn’t get as many, but at least they came out well:



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