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Thanksgiving Paint Binge Challenge 2017


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1 hour ago, Rob Dean said:

Added a picture of this morning's first little batch of figures.  For bonus points, two of the three are actually figures that I've had since the early 1970s.  There's only a few others here whose Shelf of Shame has such depth... :blink:

My shelf of shame is not quite that bad, but there are some on there that was started around 1990...

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Like @Rob Dean, I came, I binged, I'm sated for the time being.




Closeups under here:



The broken pillar in the back was a nice dry-brushing and wash exercise.



Rats and bats and scarabs, oh my. I had a fun time with the dire rats and on-the-model wet blending.



One of my gaming friends accuses me of not painting enough allies. Therefore, I present the leader of the Guard of the Curvy Spear. I just couldn't do anything with it. Maybe I'll try inserting a thin sewing pin to help it out. Maybe not.


Thank you @Inarah for organizing and encouraging!

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