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Any interest in Numenera?


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I have been kicking this around for a while and decided to at least test the waters and see what interest there is in a round of Numenera before the new rule set starts to come out.


One of the downsides is that there is not, to my knowledge, an SRD for the game.  There are, however some getting started rules available for free on the Monte Cook games website.


This round would be a self contained adventure I wrote for the game a couple of years ago and played with a few groups who had fun with it.  If the group likes it, it can grow or it will resolve in about 6 hours of realtime play.


The system is different and focuses a lot more on exploration and puzzle solving than fighting and loot.  It also offers players a lot more control over the storyline than the usual RPG fare.


So with that, before I lay out the adventure and rules, limits, books, etc, is there any interest?





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