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Dark Fable: Sons of Anubis

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Welcome to Dark Fable Miniature's Sons of Anubis Campaign.  These dog-headed warriors are descended from Anubis, the canine guide and guardian of the Egyptian underworld.  The Sons of Anubis are ferocious warriors sworn to protect the royal necropolis where the tombs of long dead pharaohs and queens can be found.  On rare occasions the Sons of Anubis have been summoned by powerful lords or heroes to wreak vengeance on those who would offend the gods.  Heavily armed and protected by sturdy shields and armour the Sons of Anubis make a formidable force on the battlefield.

The Sons of Anubis campaign is the latest expansion of Dark Fable's pseudo-historical Egyptian range.  The concept and design of the miniatures are a mix of history, archaeology, fantasy fiction and Hollywood films.  The core group of miniatures consists of 7 sets: 5 sets of fearsome Anubis warriors sculpted by Kev Adams.  A set of Scorpion warriors sculpted by Tim Prow.  As well as a two-stage female genie made by Brother Vinni.  There is also a stretch goal reward figure - The Scorpion Lord - who is FREE to all Level 5 contributors and higher when the campaign goal of £2000 is reached.  If that were not enough we have made a large selection of our previously released miniatures available as ADD-ONs.

These high-quality 28mm miniatures are made from a lead-free pewter alloy and have an incredible amount of detail and personality. Whether you are a collector or gamer you are certain to enjoy these figures!



They had me at 'female genie made by Brother Vinni'...


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Ah well, it won't take too many months before they show up in his webstore.

(I'm not really a fan of IGG either, but make an exception for Dark Fable)

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5 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

They look good - pity I don't do Indigogo.


I'm a long time supporter of Dark Fable, had nothing but good service from them. All of their projects have gone well. 


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It may be time to close this one as most backers got their rewards a month ago.


Except the few that never sent in their list of rewards, of course...

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Ooooh, can't wait for this to hit retail, for, uhm, semi-obvious reasons.  I like the look of them, yup yup! 

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1 minute ago, Gadgetman! said:

Then I suggest you mosey  on over tho his website NOW!

I'll do that when I get home, mobile site is.... Functional.  I'll go with functional.  Not as easy to look for what I want though, as pictures are too small :p

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