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Lunch Sessions III: Borka Kegslayer (PrivPress) and PLAID


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Just a quick update to say, no paint today...not only was it the office Thanksgiving feast, but also everyone upriver seems to be clearing their desks in anticipation of next week's holiday...which means everything is gathering like so much silt in the delta that is my inbox.

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Given your fondness for painting plaid, you might see if you can try to get the 2nd Minicrate miniature as well. The second miniature is a female variant of the Piper of Ord Warmachine figure called the "Plaid Piper of Ord".  


See the second image in the Minicrate section.  It's a pretty nice mini, and comes with a Trollblood Whelp with a greatsword as a sidekick!


My 2 yen,


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@Akiosama, I'm not sure yet if it's a fondness, per se...but I do like painting stripes, and this is just a bunch of stripes. I have seen the new Piper, and she is quite nice...I have a Darksword frog that may get some plaid on a bagpipe-fish-thing, and there's a little bagpiping dwarf from the second or third Bones KS...so even if I don't get the minicrate piper, I have some plaid options...


Yesterday, I spent more time on the trolls' skin. Mostly some very high highlights (almost pure Ghost White) and some more deep shadows (Corporeal Shadow+Gem Purple, leaning to the CP).


I'm quite annoyed by the pyg, as I got his skin to a really nice place and then did a glaze to help blend, but the glaze wasn't watered enough, so I basically went back to square one with him. Blerg.


Hopefully will finish up Borka's skin today. 

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Today was more skin, I'm in a good place with it now although I'll likely come back to it periodically as I paint the jack and his shoulder-bumps. I also based his hair/headquills and chin-spikes...I've never been sure what Trollblood "hair" is meant to be, it looks more flexible than horn and far thicker than hair. But the orange is a good contrast to the blue skin. I think I'll treat his shoulder-bumps the same way, as though it were body-hair.




The Pyg is in pretty good shape, too. I like where his skin is after pulling it back up from yesterday's glaze-mishap. The barrel is basecoated in Blackened Brown, and it makes a big difference not having that giant chunk of bare primer over his head (leather bracers and ankle-wraps are also Blackened Brown).


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Drybrushed the first layer of white onto his collar; this is Linen White. I'll do another round of this to drop some more white into the underfur. I also did his hair and shoulder stubble; that's Pumpkin Orange, Big Top Red and Sunlight Yellow. I did the Pyg's hair, too, but no pics there.




I also did the next round of red for the plaid on the barwench. Just like the blue lines, I dotted the intersections of the red lines with a brighter red.


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Worked mostly on shadows on the jack today. Blackened brown, Walnut Brown, Nightshade Purple and Grey Liner, all mixed to various degrees. I'll have to blend down the highlights, but I like where this is headed.



Yesterday I worked on some leather highlights, which you can see now on Borka above. Here's what I did with the Pyg. The highlights are Coldstone Grey into Ghost White and glazed with Blackened Brown,





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