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Let's make a present ... Selfmade 3d Print "Friends"

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Hello everyone,


So this is something special.


Not only that 2 days ago I thought I wouldn't be able to paint over the rest of the year, but this is also some kind of a very personal present.


But from the beginning - 2 days ago I got a short text message from my friend (you know the one I am always barbecuing with). He asked me if I was at home and if we could meet. I said yes.

A few minutes later a big rescue vehicle appeared in our road, so I was a bit worried, then remembered ... well, he in fact is paramedic, so I took it lightly, while some people on the road were looking for something that had happened and so on ... you know that story.


Long story short:


The friend of his mum is a big fan of LGB (Lemann Groß Bahn model scale train in 1/43 scale or so) and he always wanted to have a personalized miniature for his displays. Partnering with a fellow scale train fan, they had found someone who made a 3d print sculpt of them. Unfortunately those miniatures didn't come in color so  my friend took them and some reference photos and asked me if I could ... do the magic of colours on the figures and return them in time for the birthday of his mums friend, which is shortly before my travel to Japan in 2 weeks.


I didn't know if that would be possible, but then I got a call informing me that I had been selected for readiness duty overnight before my last shift week, which means that I would sit here and do nothing for 3 days.


Hell yeah - why not. Gimme dat!


So I took the figures and said yes. I think this is an awesome, very personal present and knowing that I was asked to make some black figures into coloured ones makes me happy. I contribut to someones birthday present. Haha. I did that before, but not on such delicate figures. No pressure, Sis. No pressure.


Well then - Lets go:



The figures arrived like this:




After I cleaned them using soap water and then water, I used my trusty Mr. Primer to get a base coat on them.


That needs to dry now. More updates later.


I think if I don't loose my patience and willingness to do everything in one run, I should be done on wednesday or thursday. We will see!

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And here we are - base coat is dry and my trusty Mr. Primer didn't disappoint me. Everything coated - everything but the noses where I managed to scratch off the paint. *sigh*. How did I do that? Hm.


Anyway - The level of detail is pretty impressive considering that it was a private print. I didn't see any "lines" or "threads" as I normally know them from 3d prints of that level (got some 3d printed houses at home).


I am really looking forward to paint them. Guess due to the fine level of detail, I will deviate from my common method of painting and will start with a fine shadow and then build up a few layers of colour and leave it that way. I guess everything more would totally ruin those figures.



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Short update: Those figures drive me mad.


Though I cleaned them, primed them and worked the hell to make them look good, I never encountered such resistance. Even the thickest, unthinned and dried colour won't stick to the surface and it take coat over coat to cover even the tiniest bit. Thinned color won't hold on the figures at all. Instead, recesses get filled completely, while highlights don't get any colour and even if, the slightest touch with the brush wipes off even dried colour.


I tried the color on some other figures to be sure it's not my mistake and obviously, it isn't. Works perfectly.


Okay. Stay cool, take a flamethrower and BURN THE COLOUR ONTO THE SKIN OF THOSE MOTH****ING FIGURES. GNAAAAAAAAR. DIEEEE! *Foash*.


I will now take a break, eat something and cry a bit then I will continue. If, by this evening, I do not like the outcome so far, I will take drastic measures as discribed above and maybe then I will be successful. Or I will just strip the figure and start again.


We will see.

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I primed them using Mr Surface Primer - A Japanese product normally used for highlevel model kit construction. I normally use it with a lot of success and as I wrote - tested it on a differen miniature and it worked without any problems.


But yeah - cannot be helped, I guess.




That's where we are currently:




I am absolutely not satisfied, but considering I could make everything much worse stripping off the color and colour it all again, I guess I keep it that way for now. Eyes will make a difference - hair, too. At least I hope so. Haha. *sigh* Still: great figures.


Trouser for comparison from left to right:


4 layers undiluted paint

2 layers diluted paint and 3 layers undilited paint

7 (!) layers diluted paint. Don't ask me how long that needed to dry.

3 layers slightly diluted paint.

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Not sure then. I haven't used that printer before but the Tamiya  primer is similar. If it goes glossy, indicating that you have applied to much it's almost impossible to get paint to stick. I would be really tempted to strip them and start again.

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