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Okay! Time for me to start the Sisters of Eternal Mercy!


What to say? They are quite delicate. And I don't just mean their clothing. Their poses and especially the casts are unbelivably frail.


I mean ... I am used to a lot of things due to my possession of some of the TGG1 girls and a few other of Raging Heroes fantasy nuns - but this? Boy. That's a new level of trolling a person like me. That even beats @Cyradis torturing me with pretty pink miniatures.


The nuns are having a lot of prayer chains and crosses - most of them so frail that they break when you cough at them.


Then there is a lot of flash and seam lines - especially in areas where you cannot get rid of them. (That goes for me, at least)


Some of those seam lines are big enough I first thought the miniature might have been miscast. But well ... it cannot be helped. For me that means: Sand and file.








The first miniature was already frail enough that I managed to break off the heel of her combat stiletto.






To cool down I decided to try another lady, but she was so full of flash and seam lines and holes from trapped air, that I finished her and put her away ...






I went back to the first lady ... aaaaaand .... managed to break off the rest of her stiletto.


My emotions were ... mixed.




Especially because I didn't know how to fix it.


But in that moment I was made aware of a workshop that had just opened in the neighbourhood.




And the owner had a solution for my problem.




Well, well! Using the wire and a drill, I might be able to recreate the heel and make it long enought so the lady will stay on her base.


So I left her to dry and continue with the next one. I know thise figure well. A similar one is part of the Fantasy nuns and she was one of the easiest to assemble. There are just two arms to assemble ...








And the weapons don't fit! Whadda heck?!












Who would have guessed? The Fantasy nun's swords force her hands in completely different positions, so they fit.


Well. No problem. I'll use hot water and push it in place ...




Then I cry.


But once again, Rhini's workshop provided invaluable help!




I might become a regular customer there!


Well then ... let's put her aside and continue with the next.




Just two hands to glue to the body.




Hm. I think I should leave it be for today.


But it's weird. Maybe I am too dumb to assemble those ladies correctly or they don't fit at all. Even the Hands cannot be glued without breaking something ... and I am not using force.


The Fantasy nuns were way easier to assemble.


Maybe I try again tomorrow.


In conclusion: Progress? Nun



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And some progress!


Still the ladies are taking all their chances to resist my itchy fingers ... but I will manage.






I even managed to break another heel off a nuns stiletto. Yey! No problem. I'll already have got replacements available.




And yay! - The first group is already glued together and ready to be sanded and filed down, filled with spackle and then it's time to base.







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And the last Update for today.


Somehow I managed to enlarge my workbench further over the last few hours and to my small little assembly box - which I normally use for mobile assembly works - the whole table was added piece by piece ...


Now I need to clean it and tidy it up. Yay ...




Anyway - Currently I have got a number of nuns drying. All their gaps and holes are now spackled (*giggles*) most mistakes are covered up. Oh - and remember, remember and never forget - the chains are still missing - some black and some red.




One group of the nuns is already done and will be soon washed a second time before they will be taken to priming.



Some detailed shots:












But that's it for now. I am tired. Have a good day/evening/night ... see you tomorrow or so.

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

That was a productive session!


Yet another cool army!


Actually it went pretty smooth considering the problems I encountered when starting. 


Thanks for the comment

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2 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Nice looking stuff.


If you are looking for a game that can handle an eclectic set of minis, you might want to try Pulp Ally.  


A friend of mine wants to develop an own board game, that's what's the miniatures are for - but I'll keep PA in my mind.



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The last two days I had spend at least partially on board of different bullet trains, which included a reservation for a closed compartment. Why is that important?


Well - who would have guessed? I took out my assembly box and assembled a few of the ladies. This time units for close combat.


Therefore here are just two update pictures. More to come once their gaps have been filled, all has been cleaned and they are ready to be primed.


Until then!






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And here we go again:


First off, I had to pin a sister's arm to a sister's body. It somewhen fell off during transport.



Hopefully that will teach you a lessen, hussy!


Then I finished a second sister. Geordi LaForge meets Equilibrium ... though this one has a very nice pose, I figure this one to be one of the worst figures of the line. I really don't like it.






And then it was time to continue my current project of choice ... yay and so on.


Rhini's workshop had provided me with a number of tools to get rid of all the problems I had with trhe figures. And especially useful were those chains I had gotten there.

Now it was time to use them!


But I still wasn't sure how to pin the chains to the figures without damaging them too much or make them look too obvious. So I just enjoyed the view and thought, that the figures look good without chains, but on the other hand also look empty.




So I took some more time to develop a concept how I wanted to do this. Hmmm. Chain some nun and then drill holes into them ... hmmm. What else?

I really wasn't sure which of the chain types I wanted to take, so I took one type for each nun. Using paperclips as magazines I was able to glue the chains to the weapons and still make it look good. And 100 rounds magazine is awesome.


Following that I had to fiddle all that small stuff in place ... I could have used 10 hands for that.


One hour, filled with lamenting, cursing and a few tries of assembly, later the first figure looked like this:














We are done - which means: miniature no. 02 is next ... errrr .... okay. I'll hold her and Rhini will glue everything together ...






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7 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good use of those chains!

Good use of those chains!


Yeah. Took quite some time. I hope it holds. Otherwise all the work was for nothing.

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Well, who would have guessed? I managed to break a figure again. This time I broke off an arm. Yay. And I mean: YAY!


It went straight through her funny bone. I guess she cannot stop laughing now.




Well, I guess the next action to perform will be the filling of the gap and all the other mishaps. Quite motivating.


But who cares? The other nun is done. (Wordplay!) The chains are holding (at least for the moment) and she looks quite good, I think.










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Well then,


here we go again. I worked on a number of tanks lately. @Kev! asked me to post a few pictures, so why not?




It took me around 4 hours, divided into two 2 days to finish the vehicle.

I am not really satisfied with it. A lot of gaps, parts that don't fit and are warped a bit. I don't know. I have to do some overhaul.







And the Schützen, the sideskirts. According to Rubicon's assembly manual, those don't have to be glued to the vehicles, but they don't really hold, when you just attach them. So I think I will at least glue the ones at the turret to the vehicle.



And this tank needs a commander. Luckily I bought one od the Hot And Dangerous miniatures and after I sawed off her legs, she was a perfect fit.




There are still some mould lines to be taken care of and then she will look good. A first test fitting was already successful.




Currently I've got the Panzer III standing on the table, but ... it will take some time. Currently it is drying.



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Time to continue the space nuns. They were washed and cleaned and are now drying (hmmmm. Wet nuns. I like that). And once they are dry, I will spackle their holes ...




Errr ... that came out wrong. Ah - anyways:


That's what we are at currently:






A few figures have been just finished - this one for example.






And our second chain girl has been finished. Due to the size of the chains (I tried the smaller ones) it was quite a mess to fiddle around with. But finally it worked. Yey!






And it looks great. I used some paperclips for pinning so they look like magazines with enhanced capacity. I am not sure if I should shorten them, though.




And here's what's currently in the making. A oracle and a "seraphim"




And - of course - a living saint. Let's see if I will be able to get a whole squadron of them. This one is Games 'Orkshops new Celestine. To be honest - she really made me hate her during assembly. Some pieces were quite delicate to assemble and I broke off parts quite regularely to glue them together afterwards instead of continuing to be angry and demotived.






Currently I am not sure if I want her to get the pigeons that were in the kit. I mean, those pigeons look nice and so on, but I am not sure if they are fitting.




And then we have got a last small build: I got me a repentia sister from Wargame Exclusive. Didn't take the fully nude one, just the partially nude one. Har Har Har.





Great quality and easy to assemble. Just a few mold lines, which were easy to get rid of and a lot of good details.






And that's it for today! We will continue next time - straight outta convent.

Edited by SisterMaryNapalm
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And another update on the nuns. Two more ladies are done.







And the second tank is done. Some more sanding has to be done, but it is already ready to use. I have got a long barrel and a short barrel to go for all mid- and late-war version. (L, M and N) Will be painted in German camo scheme, but then covered in snow white camo.  @Kev! Here you go! Both tanks are done.







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      A new contest, a new entry. I am pretty late this time, but I am used to work under dire conditions.
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      Aehm ... Rhini?

      Maybe from a bit further away?

      Thank you !
      A Kingdom Death miniature.
      Let's see where this will end.
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      As some of you know, @buglips*the*goblin and I paint some German Infantry of WWII for Warlord Games tabletop game Bolt Action - or another similar set of rules. You can find our WIP thread ->here<-
      But though the key to success is hard work, all good projects some when end somewhere. To celebrate this, we decided to set up a Show Off thread. So ... enjoy what we come up with until all of our Germans are painted ... (which will be in ten years or so)
      First off - the first 5 men of my winter unit.


















      More to come!
      @buglips*the*goblin You're next.
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