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Mile Marker Five: 14058, Lorielle Silverrain


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19 minutes ago, ub3r_n3rd said:

Very nice!!!


Thanks! She was a quick project to keep the mojo going after Reaper



18 minutes ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

This is OVER 9000!


Simply awesome and absolutely stunning. Let me guess that you have become the best painter in your D&D group?


Thank you! Yeah, mostly due to that I am the only one that does display pieces. We do have some really good tabletop painters, @Scorpionfish is one of them. 


3 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

She's lovely! The comparison is excellent. 



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1 hour ago, Danilion said:

I agree that the comparison is great.  It is definitely encouraging for us newbies. 


22 minutes ago, Sanael said:

Beautiful work, and such a great way to commemorate it. Really nice!


12 minutes ago, Humansquish said:

Very nice, I always like seeing your work.


Thanks all!



26 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:



What did you use for those flowers?


Thanks! The white ones are from MiniNatur and the pink are from Tajima 1 Miniatures in the UK.

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10 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

Such a lovely way to commemorate how much you've improved!  I also wanted to say that I love the style of your painting, it's just a touch softer and more natural looking.  Thanks so much for sharing! 


Thank you! :blush: 


8 hours ago, VolksFest said:

This is pure gold! I am amazed and awed. It is not just the stunningly beautiful painting and basing but the way it shows the journey that we are all at one stage or another. 


Truly, truly inspiring post. Thanks for sharing! 


Thanks! Personally I love comparison paint jobs like this as it does put things in perspective by showing that most painters start at the same level.



4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Excellent !


Jaw dropping good!


Thank you!


2 hours ago, Pochi said:

Lovely! I hope when I hit the 5 year mark my painting is as improved and nice as yours! I don't know how you got the white to look so good! Kudos! I like that magenta color as well. Very pretty piece!


Thanks! Just keep at it, I am just fortunate that outside of work, I have a lot of free time that I can use for painting. The white is a mystery to me as well. :upside: This was the first time that I have painted white that looks like white in the end and not grey or tan. The magenta is the Pale Violet, Violet Red, and Burgundy Wine triad with a little Gothic Crimson mixed in.

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